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We are fans of Mike Francesa because he is the best host in New York but the rest of WFAN is an utter wreck and we feel that if this website went live for three hours, it would be intelligent, entertaining, and would give the callers ample time for a true conversation. In addition there would be very little commercials. And we all know that WFAN has almost become a 24/7 infomercial, full of snake oil ads that Chernoff signs off on to screw the loyal listener and bathe in the dirty cash from slick scam artists like the voice actor who claims to be friends with employees of WFAN while he touts two different scams using two different names, same voice, 2 names, 2 scams all endorsed by WFAN and Mark Chernoff. OK, here is the reveal that Mark Chernoff wants to hide, Rick Stacy plastic surgery medical patient in one ad and the same voice but now claiming to be a different named New Jersey resident and satisfied patient at a tri state area hospital in a second ad.

Why did Francesa promote a revolutionary digital project, one that would be adopted by everyone in the sports talk radio industry, debut a laughable product but then abandon it weeks later without explaining his digital utter failure?

In 2015 how does WFAN not offer daily podcasts of the entire Mike Francesa show?

Why does WFAN still waste our time with 20/20 updates when sports information is available in seconds via the internet?

How does Tony Paige still have a job at WFAN?

Does the U.S. government utilize tapes of the Boomer and Carton show as mental torture for the prisoners at Gitmo? Most people can't actually listen voluntarily as Boomer and Carton take 20 minutes to discuss something that could be resolved in one sentence.

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Old and Breaking News: Why does WFAN only provide 31 minutes of actual sports talk radio per hour? WFAN airs 29 minutes of commercials per hour, most political talk radio shows air 38 to 41 minutes of content and only 19 to 22 minutes of commercials.

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Does Mike Francesa lie? Of course. Does Mike Francesa have an ego the size of Montana? Yes. But he still is the only sports talk radio host worth listening to.

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