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In the blog you can read about some exclusive information as to where Mike Francesa will broadcast after 2017 and speculation as to whether Donald Trump will offer Mike Francesa a cabinet position.

What will be the future of WFAN post 2017? If you can't reach WFAN via cellphone, write your opinions on the forum or email us directly.

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It is at the forum where you can read the analysis of username "Bob Montagnet", an insider in the industry who uses this codename moniker to shield his real identity, call it a pen name, perhaps in the vein of Anonymous, the unnamed journalist who wrote Primary Colors. It is also the permanent home for the answers to the annual WFAN Super Bowl Tickets Contest.

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The Mike Francesa Blog: The Latest Sports/Political/Media Insider Rumors/News From Bob Montagnet:

My source reveals that Mike Francesa will renew his contract with WFAN and broadcast past 2017. To read more about this, visit the Mike Francesa blog above.

MikeFrancesa.com has once again been proven correct after Russian hackers leaked evidence that Serena Williams has been using banned substances, Mike Francesa may or may not comment on this development at the blog above but as the loyal blog readers know, our sources are the best.

Does Craig Carton have issues regarding his obsession with Mike Francesa, see the psychology report at the blog above, hint, it does involve broadcast envy.

Sources speculate about where Mike Francesa will broadcast once his WFAN contract ends in 2017, read more about it in the Blog above.

Will Mike Francesa sue/initiate a lawsuit against Twitter User RN's Funhouse? Of course Francesa is considering it, only a humorless jackasse would allow Twitter to expose Francesa as a lying fraud daily. Update: The Mike Francesa Twitter War is between Francesa and Twitter User Funhouse, @SportsFunHouse, our source reveals Mike Francesa is strongly contemplating action against Twitter's SportsFunHouse, formerly known as RN's Funhouse.

Has Mike Francesa reconsidered his negative feelings toward the global outcry over The Killing Of Harambe, the Blog Above reveals all.

Is Mike Francesa one of America's most innovative and intelligent thinkers? Francesa's Thoughts/Ideas/Inventions:

1. Francesa, "America should let ISIS take over the entire country of Syria as this will now make them easier to defeat."

2. Francesa, "I and the WFAN Digital Wizards have created a Revolutionary Digital Project" - Results: A voicemail system to allow callers to leave ten second sports messages, this was so successful that it was implemented for a week.

3. Francesa, "Baseball should change its rules and have 3 balls results in a walk and 2 strikes result in a strikeout."

The reaction to this revolutionary idea has been immense, so far Donald Trump has not commented on whether he will tap Francesa to further develop his penny plan to shrink the federal deficit. No word from the NFL as to the rumors that they paid Francesa to lobby this idea in a bid to send MLB's popularity down the shitter, for if implemented, Francesa's new 3-ball 2-strike system will result in the biggest reduction in hits and runs in baseball history, those 1-0 games will be riveting.

Finally to rival Plato, Mike Francesa, "I don't expect everybody to be smart...If you never adapt to change, everything will always remain the same."

Paging Fredo from The Godfather, Fredo? Fredo, "I'm not dumb, I'm smart and I want respect."

Will New Jersey Governor and Legendary BlowHard Chris Christie Replace Mike Francesa at WFAN? It would be an even exchange but Mike Francesa is not leaving WFAN, mark it down, book it, unless of course Donald Trump offers a cabinet position to Mike Francesa.

To read this blog post in its entirety follow The Mike Francesa Blog above.

In addition MikeFrancesa.com has authored the definitive deal that would destroy ISIS, to view this solution visit The Mike Francesa Blog and search for "Solution To Destroying ISIS".

Nanograss.com, what is it, ask your local scientist. The future is all about nanotechnology: Nanograss. If you are interested in the Nanograss.com domain name, email the website but only if you have the intelligence to grasp what nanotechnology is all about.

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Email Contact Address For Mike Francesa.com

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