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You are all now aware of the growing tensions between WFAN management and Mike Francesa. You are welcome to visit the intersection of sports/politics/media and the carnival we call America by following the link for The Mike Francesa Blog above. If the WFAN endless stream of commercials is driving you mad, join the club, WFAN management is running the station into the ground.

All can be discussed on the MikeFrancesa.com website message board forum. To Enter Follow the WFAN Forum above at the top of this page.

It is at the forum where you can follow the analysis of username "Bob Montagnet", an insider in the industry who uses this codename moniker to shield his real identity, call it a pen name, perhaps in the vein of Anonymous, the unnamed journalist who wrote Primary Colors. It is also the permanent home for the answers to the annual WFAN Super Bowl Tickets Contest.

Some questions for the listening audience to ponder:

When will the U.S. Department of Justice investigate WFAN's Mark Chernoff for his repeated use of snake oil ads and get rich quick schemes all designed to rip off the WFAN listening audience.

In 2015 how does WFAN not offer daily podcasts of the entire Mike Francesa show?

Why does WFAN still waste our time with 20/20 updates when sports information is available in seconds via the internet?

Does the U.S. government utilize tapes of the Boomer and Carton show as mental torture for the prisoners at Gitmo? Most people can't actually listen voluntarily as Boomer and Carton take 20 minutes to discuss something that could be resolved in one sentence. Carton, "Right, right, right." Craig Carton is living proof that a ninth grade buffoon can make six figures in this great country.

And the rumors are true, Boomer Esiason froze his own Jets jersey during his tenure with the Jets, that is the only time his phony act worked as Boomer was a walking disaster with the Jets, simply present to collect a paycheck, stealing money in the same way Carton steals money from WFAN, no talent, talentless, hack city.

Boomer told Real Sports he works five jobs to create publicity for his Foundation, not true, he works those jobs to make millions, does Boomer tithe to his own charity, my spies say no, have we gotten an audit of The Boomer Esiason Foundation? The answer is uncertain.

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Old and Breaking News: Why does WFAN only provide 31 minutes of actual sports talk radio per hour? WFAN airs 29 minutes of commercials per hour, most political talk radio shows air 38 to 41 minutes of content and only 19 to 22 minutes of commercials.

War69.com The Latest Sports/Political/Media Blog Post Excerpt:
What is Mongo Nation? Mike Francesa Mongo Nation is overrated and consists of a smattering of Twitter Users and a rotating crew of 500 drunk wannabe frat men that celebrate anything Con, Francesa Con, Santa Con etc. But we are not referring to the limited core group of Mongo Nation members who understand the irony and sarcasm and overall lunacy that is listening to Mike Francesa and being a member of Mongo Nation. And Mr. Francesa still does appreciate their support, whether it is to mock him or celebrate him or just to get drunk. And to be fair there is a strong contingent of Mongo Nation Twitter users that are intelligent and funny; people like RN's Funhouse.

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