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Mike Francesa is the king of sports talk radio and the only host worth listening to on WFAN.

In 2015 how does WFAN not offer daily podcasts of the entire Mike Francesa show?

Why does WFAN still waste our time with 20/20 updates when sports information is available in seconds via the internet?

Does the U.S. government utilize tapes of the Boomer and Carton show as mental torture for the prisoners at Gitmo? Most people can't actually listen voluntarily as Boomer and Carton take 20 minutes to discuss something that could be resolved in one sentence. Carton, "Right, right, right."

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Old and Breaking News: Why does WFAN only provide 31 minutes of actual sports talk radio per hour? WFAN airs 29 minutes of commercials per hour, most political talk radio shows air 38 to 41 minutes of content and only 19 to 22 minutes of commercials.

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