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This site will have the questions and answers to the annual WFAN Super Bowl Trivia Contest.

If Mike Francesa does not give you enough time to make your sports point, make it here. If the WFAN endless stream of commercials is driving you mad, write about it here. If you think you can compete with the boring and untalented drones that Chernoff hires as sports talk radio hosts, podcast your show here. We are fans of Mike Francesa because he is the best host in New York but the rest of WFAN is an utter wreck and we feel that if this website went live for three hours, it would be intelligent, entertaining, and would give the callers ample time for a true conversation. In addition there would be very little commercials. And we all know that WFAN has almost become a 24/7 infomercial.
Why did Francesa promote a revolutionary digital project, one that would be adopted by everyone in the sports talk radio industry, debut a laughable product but then abandon it weeks later without explaining his digital utter failure?
In 2014 how does WFAN not offer daily podcasts of the entire Mike Francesa show?
Why does WFAN still waste our time with 20/20 updates when sports information is available in seconds via the internet?
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