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Great way to wrap up this week's comments, Mike Francesa does not think Zion Williamson will be a great NBA player.

Obviously anyone can be a bust but Mike's prediction rate is near zero, I hope Funhouse posts the audio, did Mike actually say Zion would have trouble defending NBA pros. He leaps above the rim to block shots.

He said small forwards will be too fast for him, does Mike watch the games, what makes him a number 1 pick is the fact that he is 280 and a blur driving to the hoop.

I don't see Charles Barkley, I see Larry Johnson, the key is the outside shot, he does not take many three pointers but recently started making a few, if that develops who knows how far he can go.

And Mike talked about all of these people comparing him to Lebron James, every time I watch a game, the ESPN announcers always state they don't compare him to Lebron.

This is why I rarely listen to Francesa on the radio, if the lame Monzo gets Funhouse banned on Twitter for a 2nd time, then I will no longer listen at all, that Twitter account is probably the only reason I know what is happening in Francesa World.
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