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Old 06-18-2019, 03:43 PM
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Default Mike Francesa on R.J. Barrett, "There are some things he does you like, some things..

Mike Francesa on R.J. Barrett, "There are some things he does you like, some things he does you don't like."

Who wouldn't pay $8.99 a month for this load of nothing.

Heard recently from Mike Francesa:

Whining about the weather, for some reason this obese liar is mystified that it rains in June in the tri-state area.

Declaring Tony Paige style that Michael Jordan or Lebron James would have attacked the double team defense on Kawhi Leonard in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, again watch NBA Finals history to learn the reality and the defense did not provide any room for a drive to the basket.

Whenever Francesa declares "he's heard" xyz it means he read it online, this buffoon has zero credible sources in any sports landscape.

Francesa recently uttered he's heard rumors that Kevin Durant had his surgery in New York, this is another classic, when actual news has been confirmed, somehow this pudge reports it as rumor, this lazy sack can't take the two seconds on Google it would take to learn that Durant already had posted on Instagram his surgery was performed in New York.

Another famous Francesa technique, either after the fact or when an upcoming story, e.g. the Jets hiring of a new head coach gets close to fruition and it appears that Matt Ruhle will be hired, Francesa declared somebody close to the Jets told him Ruhle was likely going to be hired but he could not reveal it.

Really, well then you phat phuck, why are you able to reveal it now, because Obesa Miek wants to appear as if he is in the know, of course one hour later the Jets hire Adam Gase, crickets on that Ruhle source.

Another example is Francesa claiming his Knicks sources told him "Porzingis was a bad guy" years ago but only reveals this after the NYC rape allegations broke.

The bad guy is Mike Francesa, in a myriad of ways.
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