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Welcome to the thoughts and solutions of anonymous media insider "Bob Montagnet". This is the only website and media source in the world that correctly predicted Mike Francesa would return to WFAN and MikeFrancesa.com predicted this in December of 2017, check the message board forum to confirm. You are welcome to visit the intersection of sports/politics/media and the carnival we call America by Following The Mike Francesa Blog above.

In the blog you can read exclusive information on Mike Francesa, WFAN, sports in general utilizing our sources in the sports media landscape, and politics, entertainment, and financial musings, we cover it all.

What will be the future of WFAN post 2018? If you can't reach WFAN via cellphone, write your opinions on the forum or email us directly.

All can be discussed on the MikeFrancesa.com website message board forum. To Enter Follow the Mike Francesa WFAN Forum above.

It is at the Forum and Blog where you can read the opinions and sources of "Bob Montagnet", an insider in the industry who uses this codename moniker to shield his real identity, call it a pen name, perhaps in the vein of Anonymous, the unnamed journalist who wrote Primary Colors. It is also the permanent home for the answers to the annual WFAN Super Bowl Tickets Contest.

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Update: Just as we predicted in December of 2017, Mike Francesa has returned to WFAN on May 1, 2018, make sure to follow this site for insider news/sports/business and entertainment sources. To the loyal Twitter denizens, we write, "thank you", to the Twitter Mongoes who have something critical to write about MikeFrancesa.com, we write, "it is all good, as long as you are spreading the word about the real stories we have broken, Twitter away, good or bad, respect and best wishes".



Has Michael Beschloss committed plagiarism with his latest book, "Presidents of War", check out the blog for the answer. To read this blog post in its entirety follow The Mike Francesa Blog above.

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Why is Michael Beschloss claiming his new book has broken news about LBJ/Westmoreland and the consideration of tactical nuclear weapons in Vietnam when multiple books since 2009 wrote about this very issue?

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