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Entries from March 2008

Obama supporter Melissa Harris-Perry or Melissa Harris-Perry-Lacewell makes some whacky comments on Real Time with Bill Maher

March 25th, 2008 · No Comments

Looks like Princeton and Trinity Church are not a good mix:
Melissa Harris-Perry: If black folks didn’t want to be disappointed in America they really wouldn’t wake up in the morning.
Bill Maher: That’s pretty close to God damn America.
Melissa Harris Perry: Well I spent seven years attending Reverend Wright’s church when I lived in Chicago, so [...]

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Barack Obama supporter, Melissa Harris-Perry or Melissa Harris-Perry-Lacewell calls Jeremiah Wright a Patriot and a Prophet

March 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

Not a surprise that Lacewell or Harris-Perry or Melissa Harris-Lacewell-Perry-Obama was a member of Obama’s Trinity hate church for seven years. If the hatemonger Wright had this effect on Lacewell, one wonders what negative influence he had on Obama. Here is Lacewell on Jeremiah Wright:
These are not the words of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, [...]

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