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Entries from November 2018

Al Hughes Dukes Claims Craig Carton Victims “Bad Guys”, really? Ron DelGaudio Pharmacy Owner?? And Boomer Esiason/rest of WFAN Commenters Stay Silent While Al Dukes Hughes Declares “No Little Guys/401k’s Ripped Off” the entire station; WFAN, Mark Chernoff, Jerry Recco, Eddie Scozzare, Greg Giannotti, all stayed silent when Al Dukes Hughes Stated “No Little Guys Ripped Off”. Hypocritical scumbags, the whole lot of these WFAN stooges.

November 8th, 2018 · Comments Off

Al Hughes Dukes truly is low class, he goes on WFAN today to claim that Craig Carton’s crimes were simply “bad guys ripping off bad guys”, he has tweeted in the past that he does not consider Carton’s crimes egregious enough to warrant jail time.
Today on Twitter Al Hughes Dukes lambasted fans who dared question [...]

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