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Obama wants a Civilian National Security Force

November 1st, 2008 · No Comments

Someone tell this dummy this was tried before by Hitler. It was called the S.A. which later merged into the S.S. Under the administration of the S.S. the Nazis had the Gestapo. I think any sort of secret police or national security force have been tossed into the ash heap of failed historical ideas.

Memo to Obama: We have a military already and they pledge allegiance to America. We don’t need any secret police or civilian force that will pledge allegiance to Obama.

Was Obama in Indonesia when the subject of Woodrow Wilson came up in an American history class:

Everyone who thinks such a civilian police force would be limited to “national security”, please raise your hands? We have passed a lot of domestic policy under the guise of “national security”: and very little of it has been good. In fact, this move is pretty damn Wilsonian. Let’s not forget that during World War I, President Woodrow “I love the Klan!” Wilson deputized 100,000 Americans to root out all sorts of people under the guise of national security. The Palmer Raids terrorized half of America, while the other half was cowed into silence. Newspapers were shut down, books burned, speakers silenced, and critics jailed. And Woodrow Wilson was a liberal progressive!

All of this was done through the Espionage Act, passed in 1917. Like its predecessor Alien and Sedition Acts, the Act was widely applied to crush out any form of dissent that President Wilson found offensive. Today’s radical left — including the majority of Congressional Democrats, almost the entire news media, Cindy Sheehan, and so on — would be in jail (or worse) right now, if President Bush had the power granted to Wilson under the Espionage Act and the Sedition Act. It’s amazing that the President who pushed so hard to fight the war to “make the world safe for democracy” was crushing it at home.

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