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Jim Lehrer thinks the Rod Blagojevich scandal is no big deal, Lehrer is another fossil, another example of the media sheep.

December 13th, 2008 · No Comments

It is bad enough that both Republicans and Democrats lie to the American people on a daily basis. It is bad enough that all politicians essentially steal our money on a yearly basis. The media robot/sheep named Jim Lehrer, wants to hold our politicians to an even lower standard:

JIM LEHRER: Well, what about the point, though, that a lot of people are making, Mark, that the only thing Blagojevich did that’s different than the normal course of human events is that he was gross about it and he said it — he didn’t say it publicly, but he said it — there’s trading that goes on all the time over Senate — the appointment of senator — of empty Senate seats.

MARK SHIELDS: There are.

JIM LEHRER: What’s the big deal here?

JIM LEHRER: No, but I mean there’s always been trade-offs. That’s what I’m saying.

MARK SHIELDS: No, no, I mean, but there — I mean, the product is the test.


DAVID BROOKS: Yes, we respect high-level incompetence and corruption, but the incompetence…

JIM LEHRER: But you don’t — but that’s what I’m actually essentially asking here, is that — is that he just went over the line of something that is the way you do business.

Hey Jim, you beltway insider dope, there is a big deal, go back to hawking your horrible books on Imus, the big deal is that you are an example of why our media allows smarmy thugs like Blagojevich to exist, where was the national coverage of this guy during the election, where was PBS and their journalistic integrity.

I would like to know the connections between Blago and Lehrer, maybe they share the same literary agent. Go back to moderating Presidential debates Jim, go back to asking your softball questions.

UPDATE: Thank you Newsbusters for acknowledging this website and for writing about this story:

In today’s “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me” moment, PBS’s Jim Lehrer actually defended the corrupt actions of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Friday asking his guests, “What’s the big deal here?”

I kid you not.

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