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Why is Hour 3 of the Michael Savage Show Taped, why is it not live, what is with the canned interviews???

April 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

The Michael Savage show summary will be back this week but we have a question for the Michael Savage listeners; why is Michael Savage claiming to be on the radio for three hours when it is clear that he is only on live for the first two hours??????

The third hour of the Michael Savage show is not even carried anymore on WOR 710 AM in New York. Today Savage claimed that the three hours on air each day are the best hours of his day, yet he is only on the air live for two hours.

Why would Savage not explain this to his audience? In the third hour Savage has long winded diatribes from three or four people every single day. It is obvious that these are monologues, on occasion you will hear a canned taped response from Savage but many times you hear nothing until the ten or fifteen minute monologue by the guest is over.

As a Michael Savage fan I hope this is only temporary and he goes back to three hours live every day of the week.

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