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Obama government now uses Britney Spears “If you seek Amy” logic to explain non closure of Mexican border, Obama “It would be akin to closing the barn door after the horses are out”

April 30th, 2009 · No Comments

Just as it would have been comical to listen in on the Britney Spears idiot savants when they invented the “If you seek Amy” lyric and thought they would win a Grammy, oh how fun it would have been to hear the Obama government drones celebrate over their invention of talking points to explain why Obama won’t close the U.S./Mexican border to mitigate the swine flu epidemic.

The Obama government is now actually using talking points that evoke Britney Spears stupidity. Did the Obama acolytes actually think they invented something intelligent when they directed President Barack “Talking Point/Teleprompter” Obama and his minions to parrot this line:

“It would be akin to closing the barn door after the horses are out,” the president said. Tacitly appealing for calm, he said: “We have to make sure that we recognize that how we respond — intelligently, systematically, based on science and what public health officials have to say — will determine in large part what happens.”

At times sounding more like school nurse in chief than commander in chief, Obama repeatedly urged people to inhibit the spread of the flu by washing their hands frequently, covering their mouths when coughing, and staying home if they feel sick to avoid the possibility of exposing others.

What has changed from President Bush? You had one cowboy actor reading talking points and avoiding interviews in which he would have to go off script. You now have a professorial actor that can read a teleprompter better than Bush but one that uses similar tactics, mindlessly repeating talking points that have been invented by his writers and advisors.

You had President Bush who chose which reporter would ask him a question in the so called “free” press conferences. Now you have President Obama doing the same thing:

Top aides would usually provide President Bush with a list of reporters on whom he should call. Sometimes, he would be given a seating chart with circles around the names of reporters he should select, an “X” through the names of those he shouldn’t, and no markings on other journalists about whom the White House aides had no opinion.

The shouting quickly died down - though there would be occasional breaches of the decorum.

But last evening, the silence was deafening, as the assemblage of reporters waited for President Obama to consult his list and call out the name of the next lucky contestant.

Warning: When any government official uses a talking point to explain something to the public, it means they are lying to you. Once again we thought Barack Obama was going to be a different President. We thought he was not going to rely on bogus talking points. We thought he would be smart enough to reject an inane explanation using a barn to justify not shutting down the U.S./Mexican border.

Remember the school in Queens, NY that closed after a bunch of students contracted the swine flu, according to Obama’s logic there was no reason to shut the school down, that would be akin to closing the barn door after the horses are out.

The bottom line is that Obama and his servants think the American public is stupid. They don’t even take the time or hire better writers to invent intelligent talking points.

Some things never change.

Does anyone remember the movie “Wag The Dog”, when the Dustin Hoffman character laughs at the horrible political ad in which they use the line, “You never change horses in midstream”. Now you have an actor President reading nonsensical lines and a mindless media nodding in approval. George Orwell’s worst nightmare has come true.

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