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Michael Savage calls Mike Wallace “Meatloaf” or “Mike Walla-chinski”

May 19th, 2009 · No Comments

2009 Michael Savage dictionary we have the nickname for Mike Wallace coined by Savage, it is “Meatloaf”.

Savage’s inspiration for this term refers to the incident involving newsman Mike Wallace in which Mr. Wallace threw a meatloaf at two TLC inspectors, although according to this report Wallace did not throw the meatloaf:

Two TLC inspectors saw that Wallace’s vehicle, registered with the commission, was double-parked and approached the driver. According to Fromberg, while the two inspectors were questioning the driver and checking the vehicle, Wallace came out of Luke’s Bar and Grill on Manhattan’s Upper East side carrying a take-out order.

Wallace then approached the two inspectors, Fromberg said, in an “overtly assertive and disrespectful manner.” Wallace was asked to step away three times by the inspectors. Wallace did not comply.

After the third request to step aside, Wallace “[lunged] at one of the inspectors,” Fromberg said.

The second inspector handcuffed Wallace and placed him in an unmarked TLC vehicle. Wallace was then escorted to the 19th precinct and “issued a summons for disorderly conduct,” Fromberg said.


Wallace called Militello after he was released from the precinct to let him know he was home “eating his meatloaf.”

Calls to CBS News for comment were not immediately returned.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission receives applications and distributes limousine and taxi licenses in New York.

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