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6/24/09: Michael Savage claims Dana Milbank stole his “The Obama Show” creation/idea, Milbank writes for The Washington Post, War69.com has the authentic “Barry Obama Show”

June 24th, 2009 · No Comments

Michael Savage might be correct in thinking that Dana Milbank heard the Savage Nation and then decided to entitle his article “The Obama Show”, the full title is “Stay Tuned for more of The Obama Show”:

In his first daytime news conference yesterday, President Obama preempted “All My Children,” “Days of Our Lives” and “The Young and the Restless.” But the soap viewers shouldn’t have been disappointed: The president had arranged some prepackaged entertainment for them.

After the obligatory first question from the Associated Press, Obama treated the overflowing White House briefing room to a surprise. “I know Nico Pitney is here from the Huffington Post,” he announced.

Obama knew this because White House aides had called Pitney the day before to invite him, and they had escorted him into the room. They told him the president was likely to call on him, with the understanding that he would ask a question about Iran that had been submitted online by an Iranian. “I know that there may actually be questions from people in Iran who are communicating through the Internet,” Obama went on. “Do you have a question?”

Pitney recognized his prompt. “That’s right,” he said, standing in the aisle and wearing a temporary White House press pass. “I wanted to use this opportunity to ask you a question directly from an Iranian.”

Pitney asked his arranged question. Reporters looked at one another in amazement at the stagecraft they were witnessing. White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel grinned at the surprised TV correspondents in the first row.

War69.com’s check of the DrudgeReport archives shows that the Milbank article was not posted before Savage’s radio show which begins at 6pm eastern standard time. Yet a few hours after Savage’s radio show was concluded, a link to Milbank’s article appeared on The Drudge Report suggesting that Milbank lifted Savage’s idea.

One note from the article is of the arrogant/smiling/laughing Rahm Emanuel, War69.com spied this as well, no surprise there, Emanuel is one of the biggest thugs in the Obama administration, his arrogance and alleged Chicago style corruption knows no bounds.

Here is the authentic Barry Obama Show:

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