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Bill Gates Compares China’s Censorship To Germany Forbidding Speech on any Pro Nazi Topics, would Gates have sold PC’s to Hitler?

January 27th, 2010 · No Comments

Bill Gates makes a moral equivocation between China’s censorship policies and Germany banning any speech on pro Nazi related topics.

Bill Gates, “Different countries have different rules about censorship, you know pornography, uh Germany if you make certain statements about being in the Nazi party, that’s censored and in this country that would be subject to free speech.”

Bill Gates had some other rather weak ass statements on the human rights violator known as China:

He told ABC that the role of the internet in every country has ultimately had positive effect in letting people speak out in new ways. “And fortunately the Chinese efforts to censor the Internet have been very limited. You know, it is easy to go around it.”

Remembering that Germany is a democracy, one in which their leaders can freely be voted out, people can protest government policies, human rights violations are not occurring on a daily basis, yet it is true that they ban any speech related to pro- Nazi topics. Considering Germany’s history, a country that had its democratic government plundered by the Nazi party. Subsequently, the Nazi’s used propaganda, concentration camps, and repressive government policies to consolidate power, kill millions, and start a world war.

On the other hand we have China, a country that tortures its citizens that speak out against the government, in some instances killing those that oppose them. Yet Bill Gates would have you believe that because Germany bans pro-Nazi speech, China’s repressive censorship should be respected and big business has every right to deal with them. It is that kind of weak leadership that allows countries like China to not only survive but thrive. George Stephanoplous of ABC News should have asked Gates if he would have done business with the Nazi’s in 1937. After all, different countries have different rules, Nuremberg Laws, Nazi’s use computers too.

Bill Gates compares China's censorship to Germany banning pro Nazi speech, would Gates have sold computers to Hitler.
Bill Gates compares China's censorship to Germany's banning of pro Nazi speech.
Bill Gates compares China's censorship to Germany banning pro Nazi speech, would Bill Gates have sold this 1941 computer to the Nazi's?

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