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Michael Savage Playboy Interview May Issue by David Hochman

February 15th, 2010 · No Comments

In the May issue of Playboy magazine, a feature interview article on talk radio host Michael Savage will be one of the magazine’s highlights. A source has revealed to TheMichaelSavage.com that the writer is David Hochman.

Check back to this site for interview excerpts from the magazine.

UPDATE: Turned out to be in the June issue of Playboy Magazine, you can read the entire issue here via this link to Playboy.com:

PLAYBOY: Why are you so angry?

SAVAGE: Do I look angry?

PLAYBOY: A little. You definitely sound angry.

SAVAGE: Well, I get worked up. First of all, I get angry because I can’t believe I live in a country that’s so fucking stupid it lets every group in the world come here. “Please let us in because our country is a shit hole.” Fine! “Let us come in on asylum because our country will kill us.” No problem! Then the minute they fucking get here they turn around and sue the fucking country, make demands on the country, won’t learn the language, won’t salute the flag, and all they do is disparage the country.

PLAYBOY: You’ve neatly boiled it down to a problem of borders, language and culture, correct?

SAVAGE: It’s my definition of how our nation is defined and why it’s unraveling. It’s also a framework. Here are our borders, here is our language, here is our culture. If you want to live in America, wonderful. But become one of us. If you want to practice your home language, do it at home or in your own community.

PLAYBOY: That sort of rabid nationalism can quickly lead to xenophobia, which in turn can…well, remember what happened in the 1930s in Germany?

SAVAGE: Ah, bullshit! That’s typical left-wing horseshit. I don’t even understand what they’re talking about. What? I’m Hitler because I’m against illegal immigration? It makes me a racist? I would say the racists are the people who come into a country that isn’t theirs and take it over and tell me I should speak their language. You go to a sporting event and they’re waving the Mexican flag, not an American flag. What if my grandfather had waved a Russian flag? They would have killed him.

Savage opines about other members of talk radio and the media:

PLAYBOY: Let’s shift gears and play the name game with your media cohorts. Bill O’Reilly.

SAVAGE: I think O’Reilly is a phony. He has a background in entertainment. He’s very smart. He has a good education and I give him that. He does a good job in his delivery, but he is very one-dimensional. It’s either black or white with him, and there’s no in-between. Also, O’Reilly failed at radio, which shows you how hard this is to do.

PLAYBOY: Rush Limbaugh.

SAVAGE: I don’t know how Rush Limbaugh has an audience. I just don’t know. I don’t like anyone who was a water carrier for Bush all those years and now pretends he wasn’t. I know he was deeply enmeshed in the Republican Party and George Bush. I mean, he has a right to do that, but don’t pretend you’re not a mouthpiece for them.

PLAYBOY: Glenn Beck.

SAVAGE: Glenn Beck is a laughingstock. The mark of the uneducated man? He has a blackboard; he plays professor half the time. What’s with the chalk? He didn’t go to college so he’s making up for it by playing professor on television?

PLAYBOY: What’s your biggest complaint about him?

SAVAGE: That he’s fucking stupid. That’s all. Other than that, nothing.

PLAYBOY: What about Rachel Maddow?

SAVAGE: Oh, oh! [clutches heart] Aside from being physically unappealing, she thinks an ironic statement is intelligent. Her statements all have an ironic ending, like “You know?” As though she’s still in a sorority house or a college beer bust where every statement ends with irony. There’s a reason she has the lowest ratings of all the people on cable. Now ask me about the brain-damaged Keith Olbermann.

PLAYBOY: Go for it.

SAVAGE: He’s a sad man. He’s totally crazy. I think there’s actually something wrong with the guy. I mean he gets so worked up in ways that are inappropriate for the situation. With the hatred! The world’s worst person is me? Or Sean Hannity or O’Reilly? Not Osama bin Laden? Not a guy who just blew up 50 people in Iraq? It’s a media competitor? That’s the world’s worst person? How do they let him get away with it?But there’s actually someone worse than him. The fraud of frauds, Chris Matthews. He’s been a Democratic operative all his life. He worked for Tip O’Neill. He should have a warning label like “This cigarette is known to cause cancer.” He should have a label like “This spokesman worked for the Democratic National Committee.”

PLAYBOY: Okay. Two more. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

SAVAGE: I’ll answer that simply. If it weren’t for the smart guys with the curly hair and the big eyeglasses writing for them behind the scenes, they’d be nothing. Let them try three hours of improvisational radio every day for 15 years. We’ll see how smart and how sharp they are. Anyone can take great lines and deliver them if they have a good delivery system. Do they write their stuff? I doubt it. Oh, and the Colbert Nation? Where’d he get that from?

Playboy Interview of Michael Savage in the June issue by David Hochman

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