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Glenn Beck Wrongly Asserts that Mussolini and Hitler and Castro were Elected Democratically

April 28th, 2010 · No Comments

Not only is Glenn Beck wrong about Adolph Hitler and how he came to be the Fuhrer of Germany but Beck is wrong when he says that Mussolini was democratically elected, here is what Glenn Beck said on his April 28, 2010 radio program:

Now, there are those in Washington that are fighting for a reduction of that power, but there are very few of them. Remember also that the progressive party, the progressive party is only about power and control. Progressives, if you understand it the way they do in England and in Europe, progressives are Fabian socialists. They are left and right, Nazi and communist. Here left is used to be big government; right is anarchy. Used to be. Now left and right more and more are big government, both sides. Your only choice, big government. If I said to you that this government is going to do something wait, wait. Let me give you the third principle of progressivism. Big government, left and right doesn’t matter. Two is democracy, democratically elected. Democracy is a very important word. We’re a republic. That’s why they use democracy. Democratically elected, let me give you just a list of a few people who have been democratically elected. Chavez, Castro, Ahmadinejad, Hitler, Mussolini I believe was democratically elected, democratically elected. Usually in a progressive world democratically elected comes with a little twist. There’s always something that happens. For instance, Hitler wasn’t the Führer. He was the chancellor, democratically elected. And then he cobbled together a coalition that everybody said, oh, no, that will never happen here. And it did, and he became the Führer. Democratically elected always has a little something special to it, in the progressive world. Power. Parties don’t matter, principles don’t matter. Power and control. Democratically elected.

MikeFrancesa.com has already discussed that Hitler lost to Hindenburg in the general election receiving no more than 37% of the vote, but in an effort to control Hitler he was appointed Vice-President, while he was in that post he undermined the democratic laws of Germany and seized power upon Hindenburg’s death.

Now we move to Mussolini another man that was appointed Prime Minister upon threatening to march on Rome and arresting power from the King of Italy. Here is the author Richard J. Evans, a man that has authored many books on Nazi Germany, Beck should add his books to his reading list:

In 1922 the squads used force to take over municipal administrations all over northern Italy. A Socialist general strike in the summer of 1922 played into Mussolini’s hands. He threatened to march the squads on Rome unless he became Prime Minister. The liberals were in crisis, with only a caretaker government in office. The King and key members of the governing political elite, including the army, feared civil war, and gave in: Mussolini was duly appointed Prime Minister. The squads duly arrived in Rome, but though it featured heavily in Fascist propaganda later on, the ‘March on Rome’ was no seizure of power: Mussolini was appointed legally, and in the conventional way, in the hope of taming the squads and restoring peace and order.

If there was a Fascist seizure of power, then this was the beginning of it rather than the end.

Finally Glenn Beck thinks that Fidel Castro was democratically elected, what schools did Beck attend, History 101, has Beck heard of something called The Cuban Revolution.

Michael Savage said it best when he discussed the movie Carlito’s Way starring Al Pacino and Sean Penn. In the movie Al Pacino is a former drug dealer trying to earn enough money legally to move to a tropical island. Sean Penn is his dirty lawyer, in one scene Penn (playing the character named Kleinfeld) pulls out a gun in a night club. Pacino (Carlito) takes Penn aside and yells at him, says “what the hell are you doing, you’re a lawyer, you’re not a gangster”. Savage used this scene to illustrate the insanity of certain talk radio show hosts trying to be something they are not. Glenn Beck fashions himself a revolutionary, leader of a movement, a pseudo politician. Savage says you should know your place, Beck is none of those things, he is a talk radio show host, that’s all. A talk radio show host that does not even understand the basic lessons of history. We learn in elementary school that Fidel Castro seized power in a violent socialist revolution, for Beck not to know this displays an amazing amount of ignorance.

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