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Horrible/Idiotic Director Spike Lee Said Bush Blew Up Levees during Katrina, now wants Obama to “Go Off” and pleaded for Tiger Woods “To call his boys” the thugs named Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan

June 7th, 2010 · No Comments

If you want to learn about Spike Lee’s talent, simply watch Miracle at St. Anna, some of the worst battle scenes in movie history, he actually uses the same shot of an American soldier wildly shooting then cuts to Germans ducking down, then the same shot of an American tossing a grenade, then Germans flying in the air after getting blown up, literally a loop of the same shots involving the Americans and Germans, amazing the investors didn’t sue to get their money back.

Anyway why would anyone take the advice of this idiot and why is he commenting on political issues. The clown Spike Lee made a documentary claiming that the government blew up the levees to kill the poor people in New Orleans, so why on Earth would any reporter ask about his opinion of the BP Gulf oil spill and Obama’s handling of it.

Here is Spike Lee on Real Time with Bill Maher discussing Katrina:

So now the geniuses at CNN ask Spike for his disaster advice:

“One time, go off!” director Spike Lee urged on CNN’s “AC 360°.” “If there’s any one time to go off, this is it, because this is a disaster.”

In 2009 Spike Lee had some advice for Tiger Woods amidst his wife cheating scandal, here we have CNN once again asking racist (look at how he portrays Italians in his movies) troublemaker Spike Lee for advice:

Lee said he had hoped Barkley or retired NBA star Michael Jordan could counsel Woods on how to survive the crisis.
“He’s insulated,” Lee said. “If Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan can’t get to him, and those are his boys, then other people are making bad moves.”

Yeah that’s exactly what Tiger needed at the time, to call up Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan, the poster children of wife cheating, drunk driving, gambling, porn star dalliances, throwing guys at bars through plate glass windows because they made a pass at your mistress not the ice excuse that Barkley used.

Yes those are the scumbags that Tiger Woods needed to talk to during his time of crisis. Why is Spike Lee even commenting about Tiger Woods, Barack Obama, Katrina, BP, stick to making bad movies Spike.

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