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China employing Sealed Management or Prisons for Poor Neighborhoods in Beijing, calling Tom Friedman and Steve Jobs, NBC & Rupert Murdoch to live in locked & gated prisons without a roof.

July 14th, 2010 · No Comments

China is now mirroring Nazi Germany by walling off, locking, and installing gates around low income neighborhoods in Beijing. China of course uses Orwellian language and calls it “Sealed Management”, no doubt NBC and Fox News led by China apologist Rupert Murdoch will not be covering this story:

The government calls it “sealed management.” China’s capital has started gating and locking some of its lower-income neighborhoods overnight, with police or security checking identification papers around the clock, in a throwback to an older style of control.
It’s Beijing’s latest effort to reduce rising crime often blamed on the millions of rural Chinese migrating to cities for work. The capital’s Communist Party secretary wants the approach promoted citywide. But some state media and experts say the move not only looks bad but imposes another layer of control on the already stigmatized, vulnerable migrants.
So far, gates have sealed off 16 villages in the sprawling southern suburbs, where migrants are attracted to cheaper rents and in some villages outnumber permanent residents 10 to one.

But forget that NBC/Fox News and the majority of the government/media complex won’t report on this story in fear of pissing off China and their money, the real shock is that this started in 2008 during the Beijing Olympics, yet you didn’t hear a peep about it, the Olympics were making too much money for the NBC and Fox News pigs of the world:

“Sealed management” was born in the village of Laosanyu during the Beijing Olympics in 2008, when the government was eager to control its migrant population. The village used it again during the sensitive 60th anniversary of Communist China last year. Officials then reported the idea to township officials, who decided to make the practice permanent this year.

MikeFrancesa.com would like the money hungry Steve Jobs to live in one of these gated ghettos for one year. Don’t worry Stevie, you’ll be allowed to bring another American, the China apologist Tom Friedman, since Tommy believes that China does everything right, he won’t have a problem seeing how wonderful ghetto life is in wonderful 2010 China. After all, without the migrant workers China wouldn’t be able to produce such cheap goods for the world and Steve Jobs would not be able to suck every dollar out of the American public by overpricing Ipods and Macbooks.

Let’s see if Brian Williams gives one second to this story on the Nightly NBC News

China's thug leadership employing sealed management, Orwellian term for locking and gating poor neighborhoods in Beijing, creating prisons without a roof like the ghettos of Nazi Germany.  MikeFrancesa.com invites Steve Jobs and Tom Friedman to live in the ghettos for one year.

UPDATE: No mention from Brian Williams on the Nightly News, another sad part of the article is this banner the Chinese Communist thugs place at the gates of the Sealed Management Prisons:

“Closing Up The Village Benefits Everyone,” read one banner which was put up when the first, permanent gated village was introduced in April.

China once again taking a page from Nazi Germany, their slogan was Work Makes One Free

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