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Bill Gates Endorses Death Panels, will the Microsoft Billionaire use the same logic if he is Sick, says end of life care is a waste of money.

August 9th, 2010 · No Comments

Michael Savage is the only major media figure reporting that former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates believes that death panels are a good thing and we shouldn’t waste money on end of life care. Is Bill Gates a Fascist? First he endorses China’s right to censor its citizens and shows no corporate leadership in taking any stand against a country that abuses human rights. Now Bill Gates deems that end of life care is a waste of money. Gates from his billion dollar ivory tower says saving ten teacher jobs is worth more than extending a human life three months. Has Gates seen the horrible public schools in this country. But that is not the question, the real question is what will Gates do when he is facing a major sickness? I’m sure that the billionaire Gates will spare no expense to elongate his life. You might say well of course, he has the right to spend as much money as he wants to extend his life, he is rich. You are right but Gates has no right to tell a middle class hard working American that he must die in order to save worthless teacher jobs.

The arrogance and cluelessness knows no bounds. Here is Gates being interviewed by Walter Isaacson in Aspen, Colorado, declaring that end of life care is a waste of money and endorsing death panels:

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said Thursday that the U.S. must get medical costs under control and re-examine its funding priorities to prevent its education system from further erosion.

Gates spoke at a packed house at the Benedict Music Tent in an Aspen Ideas Festival event.

He said medical costs are dominating state and federal budgets in the form of Medicare and other payments. Fewer funds are available for education. Tuition is soaring at many public universities, pricing out many would-be students.

“The access that used to be available for the middle class is just rapidly going away,” Gates said. “That’s a trade-off that society is making because of very, very high medical costs.”

The country has demonstrated an unwillingness to question if “spending $1 million on the last three months” of a person’s life is a cost-effective direction, especially considering the same amount of money can keep 10 teachers employed. Gates called for the nation to do a better job of examining the benefits of costly end-of-life medical care.

“That’s called the death panel and you’re not supposed to have that discussion,” Gates said, taking a jab at critics of the health care bill that Congress considered earlier this year.

But it gets even better, Gates actually believes that we (the ignorant, schmuck, serf, American idiots) should sign up with HMO scum organization Kaiser Permanente, yeah, I’m sure Gates and his family are long standing members:

He advocated more participation in HMOs such as Kaiser Permanente, but acknowledged that would be difficult to dictate. “Forcing people into HMOs, I’m told, is politically difficult,” he said.

Later Bill Gates attacks medical specialists:

In a fast-moving and broad-ranging interview with Aspen Institute President and CEO Walter Isaacson, Gates criticized the medical system for having three times as many specialists as general practitioners. That is uniquely American, he said. Germany has a one-to-one ratio of specialists to general doctors and has created one of the highest-quality and lowest-cost health care systems in the developed world, according to Gates.

In America, numerous specialists take care of “little pieces of things” and there is no incentive to keep a person healthy with preventative care. “There’s now some artificial thing where the sicker the patient is, the more money you make,” Gates said.

Someone should remind Bill Gates that America/U.S.A. has the world’s best cancer survival rates:

The data show that cancer patients live longer in the United States than anywhere else on the globe.

Overall Cancer Survival Rates. According to the survey of cancer survival rates in Europe and the United States, published recently in Lancet Oncology : 1

American women have a 63 percent chance of living at least five years after a cancer diagnosis, compared to 56 percent for European women. [See Figure I.]

American men have a five-year survival rate of 66 percent — compared to only 47 percent for European men.

Among European countries, only Sweden has an overall survival rate for men of more than 60 percent.

For women, only three European countries (Sweden, Belgium and Switzerland) have an overall survival rate of more than 60 percent.

These figures reflect the care available to all Americans, not just those with private health coverage. Great Britain, known for its 50-year-old government-run, universal health care system, fares worse than the European average: British men have a five-year survival rate of only 45 percent; women, only 53 percent.

Bill Gates endorses Death Panels, says end of life care is a waste of money, says Americans should sign up with Kaiser Permanente, in Aspen Colorado being interviewed by Walter Isaacson.

Update: That Bill Gates interview in which he endorses death panels was in July of 2010 at the Aspen Ideas Institute but it is not the first time the media has ignored Bill Gates deeming that death panels are necessary.

Here is Bill Gates being interviewed by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in which he also endorses death panels and rips our use of medical specialists:

ZAKARIA: And the only thing that would really change it, isn’t it fair to say, is — you can call them what you will, but some kind of PANELS (meaning Death Panels) that look at procedures and say these ones will not be paid for by the insurance.

GATES: That’s right. If somebody is 83-years-old and wants a knee replacement, that would have to be paid for privately. Or if the effect of proton therapy is very modest in terms of the extra months you get to live, that would have to be paid for privately. Those are tough decisions.

European countries have done better at making those decisions. They have avoided the huge number of specialists that our system has that creates difficulties. Right now, it’s as rewarding for a company to invent a chemotherapy drug that costs $200,000 a year and only gains months of life for the people involved. That is as profitable as something that keeps people healthy. And so we have to reorder the priorities of the innovation system to get it working on our behalf, and that’s the only way I see us making a change.

Earlier in the interview Bill Gates said that Americans had to make “end of life tradeoffs”, MikeFrancesa.com loves Gates use of the Orwellian term “end of life tradeoffs”, let’s hope that when Gates is facing a tough medical decision he doesn’t make an end of life tradeoff for himself.

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