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President Obama: The Bomber Jacket Prop is Back, Unemployment 9.8% play toy soldier just like Bush in Afghanistan

December 4th, 2010 · No Comments

The Jacket is back, specifically the Bomber Jacket, yes, President Obama dusted off the same jacket President Bush used when domestic troubles brought down his popularity, because when things go bad, the American President must play toy soldier. Unemployment at 9.8%, what does Forrest Gump Obama do, he goes to the Armani runway and brings back the Bomber Jacket:

One year and two days after President Obama appeared before an audience at West Point and told the nation he was sending 30,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, he has come to meet with troops in the war-torn country for his second visit as commander in chief. He was greeted by bad weather and storms of an altogether different kind.

The rough winds and dark clouds could symbolize the challenges the president and his team face here as the war — now in its 10th year — risks being undermined by a corrupt government, a strong insurgency, leaks of classified cables, waning public support and shifting political winds.

Of course the mainstream media always covers the President and the rest of the world leaders as if they were royalty, they want to remind you that the masses are mere peons, our leaders are above you, hence all of the fear about the Wikileaks diplomatic cables, not one person has proved that Julian Assange has compromised a single spy, has leaked any military arms secrets; if one person died because of Wikileaks you can bet it would be on the front page of your local newspaper, but it has not happened. The Washington Chattering Class and surprisingly even conservative blogs are all scared of Wikileaks because it outs our leaders for the liars they are and it displays how little the Fourth Estate is doing to break real stories. Instead they cover Obama as if he is General George Patton, not outing the Bomber Jacket for the prop that it is, not showing how these Afghanistan visits always happen when the President is facing bad news at home, not showing pictures of President Bush with his leather jacket prop, because remember the mainstream media must portray the pomp and circumstance, they must maintain the image of the Commander in Chief, they must continue to be invited to their cocktail parties.

In that light only a few independent media sources note the return of the Jacket, here is another:

George W. Bush has been much in the news of late, thanks to the release of his presidential memoir, but observers might have been forgiven for thinking that the former commander-in-chief also turned up in Afghanistan yesterday.
In fact, it was President Obama, sporting a Bush-style bomber jacket, who made the surprise visit to rally troops in the war-torn country. But as he exhorted them to go on the offensive against the Taliban and vowed that Afghanistan cannot become “a safe haven for terrorists to attack the United States,” Obama sounded like no one so much as his predecessor.

President Obama: The Bomber Jacket Prop is back, unemployment at 9.8% so Obama copies George Bush and plays toy soldier in Afghanistan.

Here is NY Magazine with the headline, “President Obama’s Leather Jacket Has New-Car Smell”:

One might be inclined to dismiss the stiff, gleaming newness of the leather jacket President Obama wore to greet the troops in Afghanistan today as a sign that his awkward “Tough Guy” stance was a hastily conceived distraction from this morning’s lousy jobs report. But before anyone goes there, we would like to point out a few things. First, of course this was a public-relations strategy! They clearly handed Obama the jacket-prop a few minutes before he exited Air Force One. How can we make 9.8 percent look better? I know, get pictures of him mingling with the one sector of the economy not suffering from unemployment! It’s true that the sight of the pristine leather immediately calls to mind Obama’s predecessor and Dubya’s superiority in the rough-and-tumble department. But in Obama’s defense, he does seem to devote a significant amount of his time to governance, not necessarily good governance, but at least the day-to-day tasks. We’re sure it’s a lot easier to break in a bomber jacket when you spend half your presidency clearing brush in Crawford.

President Barack Obama: The Bomber Jacket Prop is back, unemployment at 9.8%, cue the Jacket and play toy soldier in Afghanistan like George Bush.

Flashback President George Bush with U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair wearing Bomber Jacket Prop, now in 2010 President Obama dusts off the Bomber Jacket Prop in Afghanistan.

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