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Michael Savage Show Summary for December 17, 2010: Mosler MT 900, Ferrari Italia, Chuck Berry Maybelline , Mercedes SLS, Audi V10, Ferrari Italia, Porsche 911 Turbo, Al Pacino

December 20th, 2010 · No Comments

This is the Michael Savage Show Summary for Friday December 17, 2010 in what Savage declared would be the last show of the year, to listen to the entire broadcast visit TRN Central.com.

Shortly after the show began Michael Savage asked how could you watch Larry King’s last show and not realize what this media has become, you see this corpse with false teeth inviting his old friends from the Atlantic city board walk to be on the show with him. Savage could not believe how bad Larry King’s final show was. Savage relayed a story in which King reviewed his book on King’s old radio show about twenty years ago, Savage said King shared something with George Bush, they only read titles.

Savage said it is La Bamba time, he always enjoyed this song.

Savage realized his audience was numb to politics and decided to switch to a new topic:

CARS or Automobiles, he specifically asked his audience what their dream car was. He also asked the audience to contemplate what Savage’s best show or his most memorable line from 2010.

Savage said he is contemplating buying a Mercedes SLS.

Michael Savage is considering buying a Mercedes SLS

Savage said the Audi V10 is an astounding car.
Michael Savage said the Audio V10 is an astounding car.

Savage Line: “I was saving rain forests while you were driving around in your father’s Chrysler New Yorker while polluting Brooklyn.”

Savage asked would you buy a Ferrari Italia
He said the rear on the Ferrari Italia is a copy of the Ferrari Enzo, very beautiful, very sleek.
Michael Savage asked his audience if they would buy a Ferrari Italia.

A caller suggested Savage buy the Mosler MT900.

Michael Savage said you can't buy a Mosler MT900, what happens if it breaks, who do you call, Mrs. Mosler?

Savage line: “What do you do when something breaks, you call up Mr. Mosler’s wife, and say that your husband made a car that broke.”

A caller suggested a Porsche 911 Turbo.
Michael Savage Porsche 911 Turbo

Savage said there will be a crime soon for revering and loving the internal combustion engine.

Savage said one of the best songs is Chuck Berry’s Maybelline.

Savage wondered what happened to Al Pacino, he aged poorly from The Godfather to The Sea of Love.

Michael Savage wondered how Al Pacino could age so badly from The Godfather to Sea of Love
Michael Savage wondered how Al Pacino could age so badly from The Godfather to Sea of Love

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