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Memo to Media: To Stop Future Political Assassinations, Stop Covering the Assassins, Stop Glorifying Killers, Agree to a Mainstream Media BlackOut on the Killer’s Names and Pictures AKA End The Keith Morrison Criminal/Murderer Exploitation.

January 19th, 2011 · No Comments

Memo to the Mainstream Media: If you want to help prevent future political assassination attempts or just general insane killers, you have the power to do one thing and one thing only, STOP covering and reporting extensively on the assassins or mentally insane killers. Simple, this small little website called MikeFrancesa.com came up with the one solution you are ignoring because then you would have to look into the mirror and realize that you are part of the problem. The mainstream media is making tons of money by reporting on Mr. X, the Tucson killer nutbag that this website will not name. If the entire mainstream media did not show his pictures or continually utter his name, this would disincentivize future killers or potential political assassins in one respect, they would not get the FAME that they seek by targeting well known, political or celebrity figures.

End the Keith Morrison Criminal/Murder Exploitation.

Chris Matthews keeps repeating the killer’s name, over and over and over again, Matthews desperately wants to elevate this killer to some sort of Lee Harvey Oswald status, the idiot doesn’t realize that he is just motivating the next nut who seeks fame. Because after all, politics has nothing to do with this and even if the Tucson nut was holding a Glenn Beck book during the shooting, it would mean nothing, because we have freedom of speech in this country and mentally deranged killers or mentally competent killers don’t get the power to silence free speech based on their own scumbag actions.

Is the mainstream media kidding us, they have glorified serial killers and political assassins for the past forty years. Has anyone watched Dateline NBC, do you want fame, just commit some sick murder and you’ll be sure to get a visit from that creepy white haired dude asking you about what motivated you with his ghostly and smarmy voice.

Example here:

Oh that creepy dude who just loves murder because it gives him ratings and brings NBC money, his name is Keith Morrison, if you see this guy walking down your block, be sure and run, otherwise it will be certain that he will exploit you.

Keith Morrison of Dateline NBC, the creepy white haired dude with the ghostly, smarmy voice, he loves to exploit murders and serial killers, he sensationalizes crime, brings him ratings and NBC money.

SNL’s Bill Hader appropriately mocked the slimy Dateline host named Keith Morrison

When a drunken jerk runs onto a football field, the cameras don’t film him, why, so that future jerks know they won’t be made famous nor get the attention they seek. Why can’t the mainstream media make a similar pact and black out or blackout, refuse to cover a mentally deranged nut that decides to go on a killing spree. No pictures, no videos, no interviews with friends or family, a total black out.

Impossible you say, the media is too fragmented, somebody will report on it. Nonsense, Rupert Murdoch and about five corporations probably control over 80% of the mainstream media. If they got together in a room they could sign an agreement tomorrow. Yes, sure there would be blogs that reported on the killer, but it would not be massive fame. Would this result in no future attempted spree killings, serial killings, or political assassinations? Of course not but it just might reduce the number because all of the experts say that most of these killers seek such well known targets because they want the fame that goes with the killing.

With today’s hypocritical corporate media, they are sure to get it.

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