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John Batchelor Does Not Credit Copyrighted Bumper Music on his talk radio WABC 770 AM show, plays Hollywood Movie Soundtracks but pays no royalties nor provides source listing of each song

February 14th, 2011 · No Comments

The John Batchelor radio show is a superb talk radio program. Probably the most informative talk radio show on the planet. However a key component of his show which is broadcast in New York on WABC radio 770 AM is his use of Hollywood movie soundtracks as bumper music. Batchelor plays the soundtracks as he leads in and out from commercials. So what is the problem?

The first problem as a listener is, I want to buy these soundtracks but I have no idea which soundtracks he is playing because Batchelor refuses to list the composer and title of the movie soundtrack. It is akin to MikeFrancesa.com referring to a NY Times story, giving you a few paragraphs, and then refusing to link to the source. Secondly what are the rules governing bumper music, does Batchelor have to pay royalties or at the very least list the composer and title of the tracks he is playing? He plays these songs for thirty seconds and sometimes for over one minute in length.

Coast to Coast AM lists each bumper music track they play on their nightly shows. MikeFrancesa.com emailed Batchelor, we had to repeatedly email Batchelor as he had some sort of a canned auto response set up, finally we got this response:

Mr. Batchelor,

This is the same email you sent me last year, seriously! Are you truly not looking at any of your emails? Isn’t it fair to the musicians to credit them for the music you play and allow your loyal listeners a chance to purchase them. Please respond.

John Batchelor:too much for me to manage, to list the cds. I tried for a time, but it is overwhelming with all the other detail. it is all hollywood, they are well rewarded, no struggling artists here, just pros.



How difficult is it to list ten songs a night or at the very least list the ones that you play over and over all year? Batchelor’s excuse is weak and goes against the principles of capitalism. Because they are well paid composers Batchelor doesn’t think they need to be credited. Again listeners want the chance to buy the music, what difference does it make if it is a struggling artist or a well paid Hollywood composer?

Batchelor will not approve comments on his blog asking other listeners to identify the soundtracks. We are asking anyone out there to identify the soundtracks, email Batchelor and complain about his policy, and contact any of the known soundtrack composers and tell them what is going on. For example Hans Zimmer is a favorite of Batchelor that we can identify.

UPDATE: John Batchelor is now crediting and listing the names of the songs and the artists, if you go to the “schedule” section of the John Batchelor website you will see the list at the end of each day’s show listing. Thank you Mr. Batchelor, MikeFrancesa.com will listen even more now that we know we can find out the names of the songs you are playing as bumper music.

UPDATE 2 (11/18/15): John Batchelor is once again NOT listing the songs and composers he uses for his bumper music. We will cut down on our listening of his show because of this idiotic error. Batchelor has time to write 500 word summaries for each hour of his four hour show but he can’t type in the names of 10 songs per night.

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