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Is John Loftus Still Selling the Story That Saddam Hussein Was Killed by Stealth Fighter Tomahawk attack on opening night of Iraq War in 2003

February 17th, 2011 · No Comments

John Loftus is back, John Batchelor seems keen on resurrecting certain radio personalities with dubious histories when it comes to reporting facts, not hearsay or made up intelligence. John Loftus joins other certain conspiracy theorists that you hear on Coast to Coast AM radio, that have jumped the shark so many times, you wonder why they haven’t drowned and are still given air time. How many times can Loftus be wrong? It is like those unmentioned conspiracy theorists on Coast, five years from now nobody will have been dragged into FEMA camps, none of their predictions will have come true, yet they will still be on the air, predicting doom and gloom.

John Loftus will either guarantee something has happened, months later it will be revealed it did not happen, or he will claim that “high level sources” or “top officials” in Israeli or U.S. government told him that X group or X persons moved weapons here or stole something there, a non specific story that can never be confirmed. Aaron Klein, another Batchelor stooge frequently employs the same strategy, none of these types of stories can be checked out because it is all general, non specific claptrap.

By the way, Batchelor usually has respectable guests on his show that don’t engage in such scuzzy journalistic practices.

But when John Loftus actually makes a definitive statement, one that can ultimately be proven, it almost always turns out to be wrong, yet Loftus never admits mistakes, be that they were outright lies or just fantastical guesses while lying it came from a real source. Batchelor never challenges him on these mistakes and Loftus never discusses them.

One such example came in the first month of the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. Most remember that hours before the invasion, the U.S. launched cruise missiles and two Stealth fighters to destroy a building that they thought housed Saddam Hussein:

March 19, 2003: Five hours before the invasion of Iraq, the U.S. military makes a sudden change in plans. In a secret message to the C.I.A., an informant claims to know exactly where the elusive Saddam Hussein will spend the night. If true, with one decisive blow, the United States can kill Saddam, sever command of the Iraqi military and perhaps end the war before it begins. If everything works, an intricate network of high technology and information could bring an enemy to his knees.

The attack is coordinated via command centers around the Earth. Satellites and computers enable quick changes in plans. Two Stealth fighters lift off from al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, forty Tomahawk cruise missiles are launched from warships and submarines.

As the sky above Baghdad begins to brighten, the Stealth fighters drop their payloads.

The most advanced technology in the world has been marshaled to kill a tyrant in his sleep, yet, in the end, the success or failure of the mission depends not on the technology but on the word of just one, very human, fallible informant.

The warheads slam precisely into the target, but Saddam Hussein is not there. The mission fails.

About three weeks after that opening salvo, video comes out of Saddam Hussein shaking hands with supporters on the streets of Baghdad. If you tuned into the John Batchelor radio show that night, John Loftus was on the air. He guaranteed that the video was of a Saddam double. He stated with certainty that Saddam Hussein had been killed on that first bomb attack on the first night of the war. He stated that the U.S. had his body but were keeping it in hiding because if it got out that Saddam was dead, the war would be over, the U.S. would be under too much pressure to continue, so the U.S. had to keep the myth alive that Hussein was not dead.

First off MikeFrancesa.com knew Loftus was lying as he was shilling his story. Even if Saddam was killed on the opening night of the war, the U.S. would have continued with the invasion, there was no way they were going to just pack up and leave. They would have loved to been able to produce Hussein’s corpse at that point. The psychological impact on the Iraqi resistance would have been devastating and surely American lives would have been saved from such news. Yet Loftus once again guaranteed he had evidence that America was hiding the truth.

Well we all know how that story turned out. You never heard Loftus admit he was wrong. In fact you didn’t hear much from Loftus as he soon went missing from the airwaves. Now suddenly he has been resurrected by John Batchelor, sure to bring more bogus reports and lies. Way to go Johnny.

UPDATE: Lo and behold we dug up this John Loftus interview with Keith Olbermann, here you have Loftus lying about Saddam being dead and Weapons of Mass Destruction being held until the mid term elections, go Johnny go:

JOHN LOFTUS, HOST “THE LOFTUS REPORT”: Well, thanks, Keith. Actually, I have some good friends down here. I live in Tampa Bay where both Centcom headquarters and the Special Operations Command headquarters are.

OLBERMANN: Just a coincidence.

LOFTUS: Just a coincidence.

OLBERMANN: Do you read into the selling out of Uday and Qusay and now about these bodyguards that we are getting close to finding Saddam Hussein dead or alive?

LOFTUS: Well the story down here is that we’re not even looking for Saddam Hussein because military intelligence is so convinced that he was killed on March 20. We had an observer that saw his body being dug out of the rubble, carted off and half an hour later we had a British wiretap intercept of an Iraqi doctor calling for a Russian doctor to help because a senior member of the regime is seriously hurt and his heart has stopped. So no one’s seen or heard from Saddam since March 20, you know, and gee, I kind of thing the guy would have at least held up a newspaper at some point, you know, with the date on it so people would know he was still alive.

OLBERMANN: Why hasn’t the government said anything about this, then?

LOFTUS: Well, you know the joke of the Pentagon is that they’re not going to say Saddam is dead until they have concrete evidence; they want to haul his body out of the concrete. The problem is that the last thing that we heard about Saddam was some Russian doctor was treated him, there’s some suspicion now, he might be buried at the Russian Embassy. So, nobody has the body, so nobody’s confirming it. But everyone in — that I’ve talked to in Centcom and Special Operations Command are so certain that he’s dead that they’re not even bothering to look. The “New York Times” was flatly wrong; Task Force 20 hasn’t even been hunting for Saddam Hussein. They’ve been working on their weapons of mass destruction recovery project. No one’s looking for him down here.

OLBERMANN: If he’s dead and as you’ve often said on your radio program, if there are really weapons of mass destruction still on the ground, in or around Iraq — why are more of the troops not yet home?

LOFTUS: Well, I think that you have a very serious guerrilla war going on and it’s being funded by Iran. Iran is paying a bounty to out of work Ba’ath thugs and Fedayeen mercenaries and for every American soldier you kill, you get a bounty. I mean, it’s profitable work for them. So, Iran is making sure the war stays hot.

OLBERMANN: This apparent rush to fink out the sons and the bodyguards, in this week — does that signal that if Saddam Hussein is dead that the news is about to come out and people are trying to make deals, if you will before the window closes?

LOFTUS: Well, there’s a lot of deals being made. My favorite one is “Abu Tiba” (PH), which I’m told means “father of rumor,” and he was the alleged bodyguard that sold an exclusive to the “Times of London,” saying, “Oh, yeah. I was with Saddam afterwards.” And, a wonderful story about how the family survived, and it’s kind of all fiction. We know that many of the videotapes that were shown during the war were prerecorded and one of them, for example, Saddam is walking by a building that was blown up on the first day of the war.


LOFTUS: You know? And all of these guys are body doubles. Some of them are funny. This one body double, the cubby one, he’s three inches shorter than Saddam and about 30 pounds heavier.

OLBERMANN: They don’t have a good continuity director over there.

LOFTUS: No. No, they have a few problems.

OLBERMANN: Last question, getting back to your introduction of somebody who’s very often well ahead of the curve. Why are there no major finds of weapons of mass destruction and when will we get those?

LOFTUS: Well, apparently they’ve located where the weapons of mass destruction are in neighboring countries. They were moved just across the boarder and they will be released, conveniently, in the middle of the election campaign. So, they’re just sitting on the treasure, waiting for my democratic friends to embarrass themselves.

OLBERMANN: Good grief. Former Justice Department persecutor, radio talk show host, John Loftus, the host of “The Loftus Report,” thanks for your time, sir.

LOFTUS: You’re welcome.

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