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Mark Levin, “When Has Anything Good Come Out of The Middle East.” Re: Freedom Hypocrite supporting Mubarak

February 21st, 2011 · No Comments

Freedom Hypocrite Mark Levin responding to people that hope that the Egyptian revolution will produce some sort of a democracy once Mubarak was overthrown:

Mark Levin, “When has anything good come out of The Middle East.”

After Levin uttered that line he should have lost at a minimum half his audience. The intellectually honest members of his audience should have screamed at the radio, “Hey Schmucko, false toy soldier, freedom hypocrite, if nothing good has ever come out of the Middle East, why in the hell were you cheerleading the Iraq War?

Do you believe this? Mark Levin with his annoying W.C. Fields voice, another like Jeffrey Kuhner who has no business being on the radio with such a shrill tone, this guy is telling his audience that nothing good has come out of the Middle East. He has the gall to tell his audience this when he spent the past seven years, cheering and supporting and praying for a war with Iraq, then cheerleading the war, ignoring the strategic errors, and wanting the troops to stay indefinitely.

Did Mark Levin have to shed blood, did he pick up a gun, anything, a water gun, a toy gun, a bowie knife, does anyone have video of Mark Levin in full camo gear, shooting it out against Iraqi insurgents?

No, nothing, that’s right, this phoney cheerleads a war in the Middle East but now that a dictator is overthrown without the shedding of American blood, he cries out in support of Mubarak saying nothing good has ever come out of the Middle East.

Phoney, phoney, phoney, Levin asks American soldiers to die for a place he believes is worthless. The best thing is that WABC radio 770 AM is actually using that Mark Levin line in their promos for his show. They actually think it is some cogent analysis on Levin’s part when it proves what a double dealing liar he is.

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