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Mike and the Mad Dog Transcript. Massive Ego Mike gets proven Wrong in mid sentence, then blames the lawyers who minutes earlier he called good lawyers

March 25th, 2006 · No Comments

Mad Dog: You know Bonds sued the

Mike Francesa: Smart, very smart.

Mad Dog: I thought it was, you know the lawyers say it is stupid.

Mike Francesa: Why is it stupid?

Mad Dog: Well he says as soon as they try and do something, they’ll go in there and get it blocked.

Mike Francesa: I don’t see how you would get it thrown out right away.

Mad Dog: They seem to think it would.

Mike Francesa: To me I would run with it and see if I could have it up there for a couple of years cause it looks good.

Mad Dog then reads a quote from a legal expert who said the case could backfire on Bonds and that it is worthless anyway.

Mike Francesa: The guy is talking about him going there and testifying that is so far down the road. Bonds will be retired before he ever went in to testify. So if he can keep that alive while he is playing, it looks like he is fighting it, it actually helps him. Then he can drop the case when he retires.

Mad Dog reads another quote from a legal expert saying it is hard to win a libel case when the story is right.

Mike Francesa: He doesn’t have to win it, these guys are clowns. All he has to do is keep the suit alive while he is playing… It is a smart idea…Cases get delayed for months on months on months on end. All he can’t have is he can’t have the judge deny his motion for a suit and say it is a frivolous suit. I don’t think they’ll do that, I think they’ll give him a lawsuit.

Mad Dog: I’m not sure

Mike Francesa: He’s got good lawyers Dog, he’ll get past the motion stage….By the time they got a court case together Dog he’d be retired. And then he could drop it, who the heck’s gonna care he’d be retired.

Commercial Break

Mike reads from a website detailing the lawsuit

Mad Dog: I’m sure part of this is Bonds getting frustrated and tells his lawyers to do something, counterattack.

Mike Francesa: But this is a different counterattack, they are not refuting the charges, all they are saying is it was obtained illegally.

Mad Dog: I think people are going to see Bonds sue and think Bonds is fighting back…

Then silence as Francesa gets the word from dopey Marc Malusis to stop talking because the more you talk the more you are becoming Chuckles the Clown. If Malusis didn’t stop him we expected Francesa to continue on about hey Dog this is brilliant they are not refuting the facts just saying the evidence was illegally obtained and how brilliant the lawyers were and this will take years.

But for the first time Francesa is proven wrong in mid sentence. All fans are expecting Francesa to say I have egg on my face or maybe I have Chinese Chicken Salad on my face Dog. I was dead wrong. Instead we get this.

Mike Francesa: (In a hushed scared tone) They’d, uhhh, Dog Bonds lost. The judge just denied it, they threw it out.

Mad Dog: A lot about nothing then.

Mike Francesa: They threw it out. I don’t like where that went. Dog I didn’t know that was coming but I don’t like where they went. I thought they were gonna sue, I think gave Bonds. For all the people who say why don’t you sue. If it is all wrong sue that you have been libeled and the bottom line is Bonds didn’t do that. Bonds wasn’t saying the information was wrong he was saying it was obtained illegally.

Mad Dog: Alright so Bonds lost already.

Commercial Break

Mike Francesa: I think his attorneys made a mistake…. That’s not smart on their part because that doesn’t help him any.

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