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Phoney Oprah Makes Money/Ratings off Bobbi Kristina and Death of a Celebrity, Internet Comment of the Week: “Now if only Oprah could arrange for a celebrity to die every week she would have a network”.

March 13th, 2012 · No Comments

And cue from stage right the Phoniest person and biggest hypocrite in our modern media, Oprah Winfrey, step right in to make money and ratings off the death of Whitney Houston and exploit her daughter Bobbi Kristina, you have no shame billionaire, MikeFrancesa.com congratulates you on your wealth but denigrates your ambulance chasing ways. Anyway the internet comment of the week comes from an anonymous visitor to Deadline Hollywood Daily with the moniker of bob loblaw:

Now if only Oprah can arrange for a popular celebrity to die everyday she would have a network.

Comment by bob loblaw — Monday March 12, 2012 @ 1:19pm PDT

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