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CNBC Reporter & Apple Propagandist Jon Fortt Cites Phony Study that 80 Percent of FoxConn Workers Like Overtime and Want to Work More Overtime.

March 30th, 2012 · No Comments

You have to love the NBC/CNBC Apple Computer Apologist/Propagandists, fake reporter Jon Fortt is the chief Apple Computer Propagandist. What has happened to journalism, a bunch of corporate shills, this Jon Fortt should be fired and forced to work a year under the overtime conditions that he claims Foxconn workers like. This clown went on NBC Nightly News and actually said this:

Jon Fortt, “I wouldn’t call this report damaging exactly…The most serious things are violations that have to do with safety procedures and workers working too much overtime at least as prescribed by law. (What the phuk Jon, as prescribed by what metric then if not the law, Tim Cook’s plantation slave labor hours?)

The workers themselves though, more than 80 percent, say either their hours are fair or they wish they had more overtime.”

Where is this bogus study, who conducted it, The Mao Polling Group. They interviewed every Foxconn worker, yeah right, and of course the Chinese government never would lie about the results nor tell the workers to lie. Yeah, Jon Fortt should work and live in this police state, what an Apple shill.

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