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Memo To Media: Ask President Obama One Question, How Tough Was The Decision To Order the Killing Of An American Citizen by Drone Strike, tougher than the Bin Laden Decision, more or less deliberation?

February 6th, 2013 · No Comments

In Campaign 2012 not one so called journalist asked President Obama how tough it was to order the killing of an American citizen by drone strike, how much did he deliberate, was it a tougher decision than all of the media hype surrounding his decision to kill Bin Laden with a group of Navy Seals?

The idiots in the mainstream media bought the garbage line that President Obama made a tough and calculating decision to kill Bin Laden, really, President Obama orders people killed every week, just about every week there is a drone strike and Obama signs off on Blowhard Brennan’s kill list, do you really think he was going to pass on killing Bin Laden.

OK but even if you believe this was such a tough decision, can the Obama sycophants in the media extend the logic downward and ask him this simple question. President Obama, did you take more time in the decision to order the killing of an American citizen than you did in the decision to kill Osama Bin Laden? Further you can ask President Obama, if you know where an American citizen is in Yemen, why can’t you have the Yemeni government arrest the American citizen and send him back to America to face either a military trial or a trial by jury?

We know the mainstream media is not going to ask the President why General Electric and Apple Computer Inc. pays less than 5 percent taxes every years on billions of dollars in profits but you figure they would get the President on record to an issue that they normally would care about.

These idiots whine and cry about torture, they whine and cry about waterboarding, yet they have no problem with Obama signing a kill list that authorizes the death by drone of American citizens, no problem.

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