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Eric Bolling 2013 Idiotic Statement of the Year: But the Blast Injury Part Is Interesting to me, was it from potentially you know the bombing at the marathon? Jackass Eric Bolling thinks Terrorist #1 survived four days from a blast injury.

April 19th, 2013 · No Comments

When a major news story breaks, turn on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN to hear the most idiotic statements, amazing how many of these hosts are millionaires and have the IQ of a tree, so we just get word that one of the scumbag Boston bomber terrorists died from multiple gunshot wounds a blast wound to the trunk of his body. Simple enough, but Eric Bolling thinks he found something interesting:

Eric Bolling, “Multiple gunshot wounds but the blast injury part is interesting to me, I mean was it from we had reported that these gentlemen when they were fleeing the scene from Cambridge to Watertown were throwing explosives out the window, was it that. Was it from potentially you know the bombing at the marathon?

Yes Eric Bolling, the terrorist suffered a blast from the marathon bombing and survived four days and yet a skilled doctor just told you it was a thermal burn injury from a bomb blast that occurred within the last few hours.

This is the main problem with the media, they always need to add something, anything, even the most inane and idiotic comments, Eric Bolling should not try to think out loud.

This has been an epic week for media coverage. Sean Hannity claiming he had an inside source on the FBI photos when in actuality he saw them on the Internet via Reddit.

Sean Hannity claiming that the Ricin case and Boston Bomber case must be connected, even after learning that the Ricin case lunatic was arrested, Sean Hannity still said he couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that they were not connected. In Hannity’s mind he probably thinks all terrorism cases are part of a wider plot, an intern had to explain to him what a wider plot truly means.

Then after Sean Hannity lied about his fake source on the original FBI photos, Hannity wondered out loud how the real suspects could fit the bombs in their backpacks that Hannity deemed too small.

Hannity lies, doesn’t apologize and then continues thinking out loud. Lou Costello needs to understand, read the teleprompter, don’t think out loud.

You had the media saying the FBI won’t release the pictures because they don’t want to tip off the terrorists. As if the terrorists need the pictures to confirm what they did. If you are reporting that the FBI has a clear shot of them placing the bags on the ground, then you just tipped them off, they don’t need to see pictures of themselves doing it.

Chris Matthews asking, can another American kill Americans like this? This after Matthews was basically praying for it to be a white Tea Party member with a beer gut. Once Chrissy saw that the suspects were clearly Pakistani or Chechen or Turkish or Persian (Iranian) or Syrian, suddenly Big Man Matthews had to make it like “in no way could a real American do this” until the guest said yes Chris, there was a Unabomber and a scumbag in Oklahoma City.

So now that the nightmare seems to be over, I’m sure Suspect #2 will be killed by the afternoon, as NBC is reporting that both had foreign training, ok, Who Trained Them? Taliban? Al Qaeda? Pakistan’s ISI? Iran? Syria? Is this some sort of state sponsored Mumbai style attack? Did their handler’s screw them by in effect promising them they could get them out after the job was done and then abandoning them?

Finally on Alex Jones: Question, if Alex Jones is correct, if Alex Jones is right, why is Alex Jones alive? If the government can pull off a fake 9/11 as the lunatic/liar/millionaire Alex Jones claims, why in the hell would they let him live?

Secondly why is it that everything is a conspiracy to Alex Jones and yet the reasons why he gives for these conspiracies, the effects that he predicts will happen to Americans, never happens, nobody is living under martial law, nobody has stolen America’s guns, nobody is locked in FEMA camps.

Look back 20 years ago, not one Alex Jones prediction has come true.

But ultimately the government/media complex are all super rich, they have power and money, they don’t need to pull conspiracies for this, they have it all already.

UPDATE: Just as MikeFrancesa.com predicted it is being reported that the two scumbag brother terrorists are either Chechen born muslims or Russian born muslims or Kyrgyzstan born muslims of the Sunni Islam variety.

Mika Brzezinski the bubble headed blonde siren with an empty brain just stated Mika, “We’re waiting to see if any of their military training occurred in the United States”. Mika Brzezinski is just hoping these two Russian Satellite Terrorists are former Marines, sorry Mika, your fantasy will not come true.

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