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George Noory Agrees With Every Guest, Coast to Coast AM, Noory, “That’s Right, that’s right, I agree”. C2C George Noory is Unlistenable, Dead, Boring Radio.

November 23rd, 2013 · No Comments

George Noory Agrees With Every Guest, Coast to Coast AM, Noory, “That’s Right, that’s right, I agree”.
C2C George Noory is Unlistenable, Dead, Boring Radio.

The Coast to Coast AM show with George Noory has become unlistenable and the show topics are beyond stupid.

MikeFrancesa.com does not recall Noory being this bad when he first started over ten years ago. He never challenges a guest, the guest can say the most off the wall thing and George will sit in silence or give his famous, “That’s right”. The funny thing is that George can have a pro war guest on one night, full of George Noory, “That’s right”, a hundred and one “That’s right”’s, and “OK” and “I agree” and then on the following night Noory will have an anti war guest on and George will then give one hundred and one “That’s right” utterances to that guest.

Admittedly less than one percent of what is said on Coast to Coast is actually true, the show is full of lies, snake oil cancer cures, false money schemes, fake conspiracies, millionaire spiritual gurus, millionaire prediction experts (with a zero success rate on their predictions), millionaire conspiracy liars like Alex Jones (with a zero rate on any of his doomsday predictions coming true).

Yes Coast to Coast is all lies but most normal people don’t listen to the show for the truth, they listen for entertainment or to contemplate the mystery of the universe.

However when you have a host that has given up, who shows zero interest in asking cogent questions or challenging his guests with combative questions and when that host chooses show topics that have little relation to the mysterious zeitgeist of the times, there is no entertainment to be found.

And all you do get is some disreputable guest droning on and on, invariably selling you a book or potion or promoting their website.

And Noory should be held accountable for promoting the guests that siphon money out of the more gullible members of the audience.

I remember the time that Alex Jones tried to lead a mob to attack Michelle Malkin during some street protest. Noory went on the air the next night and declared this was unacceptable and disrespectful and went against our freedom of speech. Noory said he was going to challenge Alex Jones on this attack.

Nothing happened, Alex Jones appeared on Noory’s show frequently in the future and George never questioned him once about this.

That is the funny thing about Alex Jones he claims to support freedom of speech and yet whenever someone challenges him he cuts the person off and shouts them down or he tries to lead a mob to attack a woman he does not agree with.

But back to Noory, here is an example:

Guest Monday night: George I think the mafia killed Kennedy.

George Noory, “That’s right.”

Guest Tuesday night: George LBJ killed Kennedy.

George Noory, “That’s right.”

What is the point of having a radio host.

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