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Paul Pabst, CNN, TMZ, Lead The Media Vultures/Ghouls/Smiling Paparrazzi That Invoke Their Hollow Souls Onto The Death of Philip Seymour Hoffman

February 5th, 2014 · No Comments

Paul Pabst, CNN, TMZ, Lead The Media Vultures/Ghouls/Smiling Paparrazzi That Invoke Their Hollow Souls Onto The Death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Damn this media centric world has turned into a hollow shell led by hollow people and the scum papparazzi or is it paparazzi, who knows but certainly they have won, are they not basically in charge. I applaud Alec Baldwin for cursing them out, including that pseudo Fox reporter who now stands outside the apartment of Philip Seymour Hoffman, waiting to exploit grief, to exploit the living and the dead, to exploit us all.

Which brings us to Paul Pabst, CNN, TMZ and the other 3 letter media whores that dot the internet and mainstream media landscape.

Who is Paul Pabst and why is he commenting on the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, is he a friend, a relative, no he’s some media d-bag that inserts himself into the death of an actor, why? I don’t know Paul, you tell us why your street interaction is important, is this a murder mystery, do we all not know how it ends, so tell us Mr. Pabst, what relevance does this have with anything:

Hoffman is spotted walking along Greenwich Street by Paul Pabst, executive producer of the syndicated “Dan Patrick Show.” Pabst is with his wife and his sister, who plucks up the courage to say hi to Hoffman. The actor — bundled up in “a big, puffy coat” — appears surprised a stranger recognized him, Pabst says on his show. But he still responds, giving Pabst’s sister “a half high-five” before continuing on his way. Pabst says his sister remarks that Hoffman seemed “out of it.”

Mr. Pabst, please shut up, you said hello to an actor on the street, who cares, can you just shut your mouth, why are you contributing nonsense to a tragic story.

But this is what rules the day, somebody snaps an innocuous picture of an actor drinking at a bar or sleeping on a flight to NYC, normally it would not be worth much, it would simply be an invasion of privacy that every clown with a cellphone believes they have the right to invade. But now that actor has died, this is your big chance, how many thousands of dollars will the 3 letter whore pay for these pictures which have zero relevance to the story.

But you don’t need the money, right, you can’t be destitute if you are flying to NYC or hanging out in a bar in Atlanta or the producer of some bullshiite radio show but you do it anyway because this is the culture, the culture of zero respect, the culture of the smiling paparazzi that sit oustide the apartments of tragedy. All one has to do is see their smiling faces and know this is the new media landscape, this is Media 2.0 or 3.0. or F*CK.0

What does it matter we say, we are not famous, we are not millionaires, they are in that game not us.

NBC Nightly News with the esteemed Brian Williams ran that TMZ picture, a meaningles picture, yes, which brings it more to the point, what is the point, what is news, what is this new disrespectful culture?

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