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The Name Of Josh Brolin’s Hedge Fund is Lagovent Ventures, His Momentum Stock Theory Was Discussed On Charlie Rose in 2008.

December 10th, 2014 · No Comments

Josh Brolin’s Hedge Fund is “Lagovent Ventures”, his partner is Brett Markinson.

Josh Brolin discussed his theory of momentum stock trading in 2008 on The Charlie Rose Show:

Josh Brolin:[I use a very specific type of trading] which is Pull Backs, that is what I do. I find a momentum stock, I wait until it pulls back a little bit, and then it hits a support, I get it then, it will go back and test where it started to go down which is called resistance, and I nab that percent, that percent and a half, and if you do that enough then you got, you know, fifty percent, sixty percent, seventy percent.

We’re beginning to get into hedge funds… We’re just about to manage a forty million dollar hedge fund.

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