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Question for Sony, Has North Korea Ever Committed An Act of Terrorism In a Western Country?

December 19th, 2014 · No Comments

The real question for Sony and the news media is has North Korea ever committed an act of terrorism in a western nation? MikeFrancesa.com can’t find one single instance of a North Korean state sponsored violent terrorist act in America, Europe or anyplace outside of the Far East. None of the talking heads have discussed this aspect of the Sony/North Korea hacking scandal, no national security expert has revealed if they believe that North Korea has the foreign agents and network necessary to commit an act of terrorism in the United States.

Why has not one Obama administration official addressed whether they believe this violent movie theater threat is credible? Does any intelligence agency in the U.S. government believe that there is chatter or other evidence of an active North Korean violent terroristic plot against the United States?

In fact once the hackers invoked September 11th in their movie theater threat, one had to believe that the threat was empty, using that date exposed their weakness, a true national security expert should understand this.

Memo to Sony, vis a vis the violence theater threat, you got played. Release the movie and gain some dignity.

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