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Why is Sean Hannity Promoting the Quack/Fraud Dr. Eric Braverman?

February 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

Mr. Sean Hannity is doing his viewers a major disservice by promoting and allowing Dr. Eric Braverman to grace the Fox News airwaves but one only needs to listen to the good doctor’s words to understand the snake oil foundation of what he sells and pimps:

Dr. Eric Braverman, “People are over relying on the vaccines to prevent diseases, people need a universal vaccine and adaptation where we get down from thirty three vaccines to one.”

A universal vaccine, that’s rich, coming soon on WABC radio, Dr. Eric Braverman will promise to restore your brain, body, and soul with his new PATH medical treatment universal vaccine, oh and of course it will restore your sexual health and prevent dementia and alzheimers.

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