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Daring Fireball’s John Gruber Drinks the Apple Kool Aid, Compares Apple Watch/Iphone Tethering to Iphone/Mac Syncing

March 14th, 2015 · No Comments

Why do grown men defend a company as if that company was a member of their family? Anyway now we have this bit of brilliance:

The Apple Watch’s current reliance upon a tethered iPhone is much like the way early iPhones required wired syncing to a Mac or PC for everything from music to contacts to calendars. Apple Watch will be an independent cloud client device eventually.

Apple Watch may or may not be a compelling device. The fact that it requires an iPhone companion will not determine that.

Is this even a thought that extends beyond grade school? Until the Apple Watch is a singular device there is no reason to consider buying it. You sync your music, videos, and contacts with your Iphone and then you can take it anywhere and have access to the internet, call anybody in the world, watch a movie, etc etc. No tethering involved, not even close.

Tim Cook lauds the Apple Watch Healthkit but brags about Apple Pay in over 100,000 Coca Cola/Coke Vending Machines, Irony and Obesity.

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