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Elon Musk Says That Driving Cars Should Be Outlawed, We Think Elon Musk Should Be Outlawed. Tesla/TSLA Drivers & Shareholders Lament, Rush’s Red Barchetta Wails.

March 17th, 2015 · No Comments

Elon Musk only has to speak to confirm he is one of the worst CEO’s in history, the leader of a car company telling people that driving should be outlawed, I’m sure Tesla customers and shareholders are in pain today.

MikeFrancesa.com thinks a tech fascist like Elon Musk should be outlawed, oh only in a metaphorical way(sense) as this government financed billionaire will always have the freedom to put his foot in his mouth in our America.

Just read the comments on this website if you want to see the world that these tech fascist hipster nerds would love to create for you.

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