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Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes Overreacts to the Hacking of U.S. Federal Government Workers, Scares with the word Blackmail.

June 5th, 2015 · No Comments

Leave it up to Fox News to continue with the scaremongering tactics, Steve Hayes should know better. In reaction to the hacking of U.S. Federal Goverment workers, Hayes said this:

Steve Hayes, “You can just imagine what they would do with this kind of information (The Chinese). It is basically a roadmap for how to blackmail the people in the U.S. government with the highest security clearance. They will have all sorts of intimate details about them, their career, their lives.”

Is Fox News shilling for some cybersecurity lobby or is Steve Hayes the new pitchman for some cyber data corporation? The hackers, whoever they are stole the names, social security #’s, and birthdates of the federal workers. This is not blackmail material of any kind. You call up the three major credit reporting agencies and you initiate a block/freeze on your credit report/file. It certainly sucks and the federal goverment needs to better protect all of our information but nobody is getting blackmailed. Calm down Steve Hayes and report the facts.

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