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If The DC/NY Elite Political Media is so Offended & Disgusted by Donald Trump’s Anti Muslim Paranoia/Rhetoric Stop Covering Him, Stop Interviewing Him, Stop Giving Him Free Media Coverage, But They Won’t Because All they Care About is Money and Ratings.

December 9th, 2015 · No Comments

The phony political media is at it again, they are so offended and chastened by Donald Trump’s anti Muslim rhetoric but let us be reminded that Donald Trump has not spent a dime on political TV ads, why? Because the media has fueled his campaign with interview after interview and endless coverage for one reason only, the ratings.

If you really believe Donald Trump is the second coming of Joe McCarthy then stop covering him, dare him to actually spend his own money on this campaign, if he does, great, then you might call him a serious candidate but I don’t think Trump is willing to spend any of his own money beyond the money for traveling and personal security.

Joe and Mika, the bobblehead dolls of hypocrisy are so offended and put off by Donald Trump but guess what, Mika has an announcement, at 7:30 AM we will have Donald Trump on the phone for an interview where Mika will give her own Megyn Kelly version of the dottering doe eyes and chastise Trump for not being helpful & Joe will prattle and drone on about the Constitution but he won’t really challenge Trump, wait a second, did Joe suddenly find his spine, did he just threaten Trump to end the interview, one commercial later, nope, Trump is back to continue this faux media dance. Trump says something that is either untrue/outrageous/offensive or some combination, the media condemns him, the media proceeds to book him for interviews on every single network and time slot.

A complete con job and you wonder why the last two Presidents were GW Bush and BH Obama. A Frick and Frack job created by a compliant media. Since they are all part of the clown show we might as well elect……Eh, whatever.

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