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Forbes.Com Bans Ad Blockers, Bye-Bye Forbes.Com: The Biggest & Most Shoddy Click Baiters on The Internet.

December 19th, 2015 · No Comments

These companies need to learn there are only about five to ten websites that the average person depends on in the internet realm, rest assured Forbes.com is not one of them and is one of the worst offenders of the click baiting internet culture and has some of the laziest and disingenuous journalists on the planet.

Prime example of a horrible journalist, Mike Ozanian, a so called business writer who reports that stocks go down when investors are happy and also calls himself someone who reports on business in the world of sports yet he does not understand how sports contracts work, oh and of course he predicted that Carmelo Anthony would leave the Knicks.

Prediction: Forbes.com’s internet readership will crumble and they will lift the ban on Ad Blockers but even though there are one or two decent journalists still left in that click baiting paradise, we will not return.

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