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Commenter Joe Dick Nails Why Bison Liver Hollywood Faker Leonardo DiCaprio/DiCRAPrio Needs to be the Dancing Bear & Not The Climate Change Hustler, Bear Rape Notwithstanding, We Pay Leo To Dance Not Preach & Eating Bison Liver Does Not Change Him From Effete & Pampered & Prissy Superficial Actor.

December 26th, 2015 · No Comments

When is Leonardo DiCaprio going to learn we pay him to act and not to preach and like every other A-List Hollywood actor who hangs with a sycophantic posse; a lesson needs to be taught to him, eating Bison Liver does not remove your effete and pampered and azz kissed persona, you are still an actor with limited knowledge of the world, without the script and glitz, there is not much there, don’t try to propagandize away your superficiality, dance with it and celebrate how in America you can be paid millions for reading lines written by others.

Anyway, Internet Commenter Joe Dick nails down Leonardo DiCaprio/DiCRAPrio better than any Hollywood journalist:

Joe Dick, “When are these Hollywood types going to get it? We pay them to be the “dancing bears”, to take our minds off of our daily troubles, perhaps inspire us to be better as individuals or have the strength to endure the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. They should stick to their craft, rather than use their popularity as a bully pulpit. Why can’t they all be like Greta Garbo, and “vant” to be alone with their hundreds of millions? Or contribute to the future, as Hedy Lamarr did in inventing what we call “spread spectrum” to help win WWII and went on to make every cell phone work? Hey Leo, get as creative as your character in “Catch Me if You Can” and actually contribute instead of being a thief like your character was, and you are today. Can’t get there? Then dance, dancing bear, dance, and enjoy the money, and shut the heck up!” :-)

Leonardo DiCaprio should take another lesson from Anthony Hopkins, an actor who unlike Leo is superb in almost every role while Leo is good in about 1/4 of his movies:

Reporter: It’s interesting you mentioning Spencer Tracy because you’ve always reminded me of him stylistically. You’re definitely an actor for whom less is more.

(laughs) Anthony Hopkins: Yes, I suppose so. I’ve always admired Tracy, very much. There’s no bullshit about him. He just gets up and does it. I’ve got no problem if people want to spend hours beforehand preparing before they come on-set, as long as they don’t keep you waiting. And I’ve read Stanislavski and did the Method myself, and all that, but now I’ve simplified it: learn your lines, show up, and get on with it. I think that’s what Tracy did, as well. I just saw a marvelous documentary about Dean Martin a few weeks ago. His widow was talking, and she said “Dino loved movies. He loved acting, but he never took it seriously.” And Dean Martin was very good, as was Frank Sinatra and all those guys. All those guys, they didn’t try to be Marlon Brando. They just did what they did. There’s another great story that Martin’s widow told: during the filming of Airport (1970), Dino was doing this scene and the actress playing opposite him was sitting in the corner, being very Method about it, keeping everyone waiting. Finally, Dino walks over to her and says “Honey, neither of us is going to win an Oscar for this, let’s just do the scene so we can go home.” (laughs) That sums it up for me. Get on with it. Do it. You don’t need all this bullshit. Either you can do it, or you can’t.

Forget the Bison Liver and Pretentious Affectations, Just read your lines and go back to the endless parade of Yes Buddies.

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