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Peyton Manning’s Hyperbaric Chamber Excuse Sounds Like Bill Romanowski’s Extreme Vitamin Regimen Cover/Con Job, Anti-Aging Clinics and NFL Icons with Poster Boy Images Never Mix Well.

December 30th, 2015 · No Comments

Funny to watch NBC and all of the other media NFL apologists rush to condemn any attacks on Peyton Manning, Jim Gray playing his usual role as BS artist in chief, but ultimately anti aging clinics and NFL icon poster boys never mix well & whenever you read about an athlete touting some unique healing or health regimen, remember Lebron James and his No Carb Summer, well just think back to Bill Romanowski and all of his lab tested vitamin pills, remember that suitcase, it was a nice cover/con job to hide his HGH/Anabolic steroids.

But sure, we will believe that Peyton Manning was just at that anti aging clinic to follow in Michael Jackson’s footsteps at that chic hyperbaric chamber.

Hyperbaric chambers, No Carb Summers, Lab Tested Vitamin Regimens, great code words.

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