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Miami Debate Trump Calls Rally Protesters, “Bad Dudes”, Rivals Don’t Call Him Out, These are Peaceful Protesters Exercising Their Freedom of Speech, Goes Back to Trump Backing Communist China in the Killing of the Tiananmen Square Protesters & Trump’s Threat to Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos, “they are going to have such Problems”.

March 11th, 2016 · No Comments

How can Cruz/Rubio miss such a moment in the Miami Republican Debate, Trump calls the Trump Rally protesters “bad dudes” when they are exercising their freedom of speech which hearkens back to Trump’s statements about the Communist Chinese government’s killing of Tiananmen Square protesters, Trump stated that China “almost blew it” but they “put it down with strength, which “shows you the power of strength” and that America is perceived “as weak”.

And this follows a line of Trump thinking, just recall that he warned Amazon and their CEO Jeff Bezos who also owns the Washington Post, Trump said that when he is elected President, Amazon/Jeff Bezos are “going to have such problems”.

It is obvious why some people see many fascistic tendencies in some of Trump’s rhetoric.

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