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Mark Halperin & John Heilemann Let Trump Get Away With Possible Hoax/Urban Legend General Pershing/Pig’s Blood Story.

March 24th, 2016 · No Comments

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann generally do a great job of covering politics despite their leftward leanings and their “With All Due Respect” show is very well done but you get the sense that they go easy on all of the candidates so that they can get access for their insider/tell all book on the Presidential election which they write every four years.

The recent Washington Post editorial board interview of Trump is proof that the media has not been doing their job as the tough questions on foreign policy revealed Trump to be a babbling and incoherent mess, basically the male version of Sarah Palin but what made this interview difficult for Trump was that the Post writers kept pressing Trump on every answer and so how in God’s name could Halperin/Heilemann allow Trump to repeat this General Pershing story which is quite possibly false and even if true very definitely extremely offensive to many Muslims. And beyond all of that even if the story was true, Trump’s assertion that the violence ended because of this action is completely false, the violence continued for many years and a real journalist would have asked Trump what his 2016 equivalent would be to garner respect from the Muslims, a tactical nuke?

Question: What is the Trump plan long term to try to make the relationship with the Muslim world and the Western world better?

Trump: First of all they have to respect us…And respect us…I tell the story of General Pershing in 1918 where there were problems where they had radical Islamic terrorism, OK in 1918, in the Philippines and it is a well known story and I’m not going to go through the whole process…And he was unbelievably harsh, I think you know the story and they didn’t have the problem for twenty-eight years.

Mark Halperin: So one element would be to have the Muslim world respect the West more.

What a horrible follow up, if every journalist asked questions and pressed Trump on his non answers like the Washington Post editorial board did the other day, this buffoon would have been completely unmasked months ago.

Oh and zero questions from Halperin/Heilemann about why Trump has not spoken to his so called foreign policy advisors.

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