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Source Reveals Mike Francesa Is Desperate To Sign With WFAN Post 2017.

April 17th, 2016 · No Comments

My source reveals that no major tech company has offered Mike Francesa a sports talk radio show or podcast or anything. Not Apple, not Amazon, not Google, not Facebook. Nobody has offered Francesa anything.

The source laughed at Francesa’s boasting about making money off of his “huge” stock portfolio, stating that it is not a coincidence that Francesa could not name one company he has profited from, in fact one would not be shocked that the reality is more in line with Francesa’s sport predictions, couple that with a decades long sports gambling habit and the message is clear, Mike Francesa needs money and the Hollywood Reporter article was another part of his agent crafted strategy to squeeze as many dollars as he can out of WFAN.

The Katie Holmes or is it Katie Jones, the idiotic Katie podcast girl, that was Francesa’s first attempt to game his post 2017 WFAN contract but the truth is that Francesa has nowhere to go and he needs money for his children’s college fund.

Francesa will take whatever WFAN offers and WFAN’s long term plan is to pair up Russo with Francesa and when Mike is either dismissed when his new post 2017 contract runs out or he retires, Russo will be left to take over his 1-6:30 time slot.

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