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ESPN’s Wright Thompson Tries to Cover Up Tiger Woods PED/Steroids Usage & Rehabilitate His Image with some Navy Seals Workout Mumbo Jumbo Nonsense, Tiger Woods is to the ESPN Sports Media What Donald Trump is to the DC Elite Political Mainstream Media, a Ratings Cash Cow, and they will always do what they can to puff up a Morally Corrupt Over Idolized Dead Horse of an Athlete, as they do the same with a Morally Corrupt Dead Horse of a Brain.

April 22nd, 2016 · No Comments

Has Tiger Woods hired Paul Manafort to lobby on his behalf, no, not necessary as ESPN desperately needs to pump life into their former cash cow, our sources indicate steroids and a morally corrupt mind destroyed Tiger Woods and his over idolized golf career, not this mumbo jumbo Navy Seals cover story nonsense.

Anybody who understands the media game and how it is played could see through the nonsense in this article in about one paragraph, maybe two.

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