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Question for Meryl Streep et al. Who Did More To Encourage a General Level of Disrespect and Mistrust of Our Institutions, Donald Trump or the last 50 Years of Hollywood?

January 11th, 2017 · No Comments

Not that Meryl Streep’s assessment of Donald Trump is wrong, Trump echoes the alt right in their Asshole like behavior, no they are not brave or politically incorrect or alpha males, they are A-hole D-Bags who if they really had it, they would not need to talk it but deep down they are weak in mind and in spirit but MikeFrancesa.com digresses.

Meryl Streep is correct, Donald Trump is an A-Hole Bully with an inferiority complex but the question holds, who has done more to tear down Respect in America, Donald Trump or the past 50 years of Hollywood or Hollywood once the studio system broke down?

We think Hollywood is the far greater influence in tearing down the virtues of Respect & Character in America.

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