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Twitter Manifesto: Their Ultimate Power & Profit Potential Lies in Real Time Search, Nobody Has The Real Time Search Power of Twitter, They Need to Base the Entire Site Around Real Time Search & Live Events, Sports, Movie Premieres, Iphone Debuts, Breaking News, Etc.

February 17th, 2017 · No Comments

Twitter Manifesto: Their Ultimate Power & Profit Potential Lies in Real Time Search, Nobody Has The Real Time Search Power of Twitter, They Need to Base the Entire Site Around Real Time Search & Live Events, Sports, Movie Premieres, Iphone Debuts, Breaking News, Etc.

In the future MikeFrancesa.com will go into greater detail on how Twitter can build one of the most powerful and profitable websites in the world but it all starts with real time search. Twitter has what nobody has and that includes Google, when news breaks, when you want the immediate reaction of people on the scene, either at a sporting event or a movie premiere or an Apple Iphone debut, the only place to visit is Twitter.

And yet Twitter makes the experience both tantalizing and frustrating, you find just enough information to get you engaged and going back to the site for future real time events but not enough information to make it a complete experience.

To begin with let’s take the example of a sporting event, specifically a Knicks game, more detailed, the Charles Oakley/James Dolan incident. When that incident occurred, you could not go to Google to get immediate reactions, even Youtube was late in getting the actual video of the incident, Twitter was the sole place to discover what happened and to find spectators who were actually sitting close to Charles Oakley.

But again Twitter makes it all a chore so that in the future they should enable this ability:

1. Upon visiting Twitter for a real time event, you can immediately search which Twitter users are actually at the event, which Twitter users are watching the event, which Twitter users are professional journalists covering the event, and which Twitter users are professional journalists watching the event from afar and commenting on it. And you offer this for any real time event, the debut of an Iphone; Twitter offers all of the Twitter users who just purchased the Iphone, all of the journalists covering the Iphone, all of the tech journalists in general, etc. etc.

Currently you have to wade through nonsensical Tweets to find people that are actually at the event and you need to craft your Twitter searches in such a way to find people who might actually be close to the action.

But that leaves us with another problem, how do you rely on those Twitter users at the event to be telling the truth, how do we know they are really there? Well a picture from the event would help and of course there will never be a way to be 100 percent certain but why in God’s name has Twitter not started a ranking system to rank the credibility of all Twitter users based on an algorithm that takes into account what they post, who links to their Tweets, and how often those Tweets turn out to be proven correct or legitimate.

We all know that Google ranks the importance and usefulness of websites based on a specific algorithm and we know that Twitter employs some of the most talented tech people in the world, a Twitter user ranking system could easily be done.

But of course all of this, real time search, making your website the place to be during real time events, is dependent upon your users tweeting as much information as possible, you need to encourage Tweets and you need to illustrate ways in which Tweets can help your small business or your brand or your personal website or your career or your just your impact on the current political zeitgeist.

So why is Twitter not ranking Tweets in general, the funniest Tweet of the day, the most informative, the most intelligent, the most helpful; maybe Twitter is doing this already but as an average user, MikeFrancesa.com can’t find it and retweets are not enough, Twitter needs to have a part of their site that looks like Google News which categorizes their tweets into subject matters, real time events, and specific quality of Tweets as mentioned above.

The possibilities of Twitter are endless and yet why are none of these things happening. Is it out of arrogance? Is it because Twitter is not speaking with average users and trying to learn what would make them use the site more? Do they have an actual tech talent deficit?

Finally Twitter could assist their users if say they want to start a Twitter neighborhood crime watch or a political protest group or quickly discuss whether or not a food or drug product is causing harmful side effects.

Again the potential is there to be realized but at the very least Twitter needs to make the site more accessible to those who want to follow real time events. And to defeat the trolls and nonsense Tweets and hate Tweets and spam Tweets, the user ranking system would totally end the negative atmosphere that drive some people away from the site. A typical user could set up Twitter so that they don’t see any Tweets from any user with a ranking lower than 30 percent.

Once again Twitter has what nobody has, real time search, there is your power, build your site around all of the uses of real time search and the profit/power of Twitter will be realized.

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