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Thanks Mike Francesa for the Website Mention this Morning

June 20th, 2007 · No Comments

Thanks Mike, you mentioning “Unauthorized” was gold I tell ya, gold. That is the word that placed into Google will direct all the fans here.

Mike began by talking about his Myspace account and how there was really nothing he could do about it, he might be able to block it and then he started referencing this website and I started taping a few seconds later.

Lou Ruffino: That’s unbelievable (as they are looking at it)

Mike Francesa: There is actually a website that reviews the Mike and the Mad Dog show that actually reviews every minute of every show, a website.

Ruffino: Yeah

McCord: I just, I don’t know (more babbling)

Ruffino: It is called The Unauthorized Mad Website

McCord: Who knows.

Francesa: It is Unauthorized Website and I don’t want to give the name of it because I don’t want to promote it. There actually is a website and it reviews every minute of every Mike and the Mad Dog show.

McCord: Wow.

Francesa: They showed it to me in the newsroom, the young guys you know they told me about it, they said you know you have a website dedicated to the program, I said what’s the name of it. It is actually, I’m not gonna give it, they review every minute of every program, every minute.

McCord: Good Grief.

Francesa: They comment on every thing that is said on the entire show every day. How do they have the time? So this is where the world’s gone?

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