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Here Is An Excerpt of The New Yorker Article on Mike and the Mad Dog From Last Year, WORTH THE READ

March 25th, 2005 · No Comments

Here is an excerpt of the wonderful New Yorker article written by Nick Paumgarten on Mike and the Mad Dog:

hen talking about sports, you are supposed to have an opinion, which another person can then agree with or disagree with, so that a conversation may proceed and silence may be averted. The opinion need not be subtle or original, as long as it is arguable. Some people shun pregame predictions, or best-ever lists, or disparagement of referees, but very few of those who pay attention to spectator sports can go long without coming to the conclusion that one player is better than another or that someone ought to be traded, benched, or fired, if not pelted with batteries and coins. You present a hypothesis—Franco’s gotta go—and a discussion ensues. It is a useful talent, to be able to sustain a dialogue in this manner, and there are perhaps no two men who are more adept at it than Mike Francesa and Christopher Russo, the hosts of the “Mike and the Mad Dog” show, which airs weekday afternoons on WFAN, a sports radio station in New York. Mike and the Mad Dog have been talking to each other on the air about sports for fifteen years, five days a week, five and a half hours a day, which, if you account for advertisements, adds up to roughly fifteen thousand hours—enough time to read aloud all twenty-nine volumes of the Encyclopædia Britannica more than twice.

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