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Barack Obama supporter, Melissa Harris-Perry or Melissa Harris-Perry-Lacewell calls Jeremiah Wright a Patriot and a Prophet

March 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

Not a surprise that Lacewell or Harris-Perry or Melissa Harris-Lacewell-Perry-Obama was a member of Obama’s Trinity hate church for seven years. If the hatemonger Wright had this effect on Lacewell, one wonders what negative influence he had on Obama. Here is Lacewell on Jeremiah Wright:

These are not the words of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the embattled minister of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ. These words were uttered by Frederick Douglass in his appeal to the U.S. Congress for African-American voting rights.

Douglass, like Wright, was speaking as a patriot and as a Christian. Douglass, like Wright, was speaking out of an honored tradition in black church life. Douglass, like Wright, was speaking in the tradition of biblical prophets.

She was on Bill Maher’s Real Time with Bill Maher last night and had more outlandish quotes, they will be posted later today. Bill Maher also brought out his hypocrisy. For years Maher has railed against religion and hateful pastors, he made fun of Jerry Falwell after he died for his 9/11 comments and invoking God when engaging in hate speech. However last night Maher excused Jeremiah Wright’s comments as someone who was just “venting”.

Here are more comments from Obama supporter, former Trinity church member Melissa Harris-Lacewell-Perry:

Jeremiah Wright is a modern Douglass. Both men are like the Old Testament prophets who condemn the injustice and corruption of the rulers of their government.

Let’s be clear. American democracy has always coexisted with vicious, state-sponsored racism. The nation’s first presidents worked to establish an innovative, flexible, radical democratic republic while simultaneously codifying enslaved blacks as a fraction human and relegating them to intergenerational chattel bondage.


Obama’s broad multi-racial coalition makes many African Americans feel like part of the Joshua generation finally laying claim to the American promised land. But we cannot enter that promised land together if white America refuses to acknowledge the prophetic truths of black religiosity.

We cannot learn from our prophets if we denounce them. Silencing Jeremiah Wright will not makes us forget hundreds of years of racial inequality. Now is the time to listen to each other carefully.

Here are some more nutty comments from Melissa-Harris-Perry, one wonders what kind of kool aid is passed out at the Trinity Church:

Throughout history, privileged white women, attached at the hip to their husband’s power and influence, have been complicit in black women’s oppression. Many African American women are simply refusing to play Mammy to Hillary.

The loyal Mammy figure, who toiled in the homes of white people, nursing their babies and cleaning and cooking their food, is the most enduring and dishonest representation of black women.

UPDATE: MikeFrancesa.com has to update Melissa Harris-Perry’s name quite frequently, it used to be Melissa Harris-Lacewell but considering how many whacky comments she makes, it is quite difficult for any male human being to stay attached to her for any length of time. And now via Drudge Melissa Harris-Lacewell-Perry-Obama loses her cool again

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